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The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower, #2)
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message 1: by Mary Pat (last edited Feb 01, 2017 02:08PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mary Pat | 2186 comments This thread is to discuss Stephen King‘s book, The Drawing of the Three.

***Please remember to mark spoilers.***

Participants: Lynn, Catherine, Toni, Robyn, Craig, Daph, Scott

Mary Pat | 2186 comments Suggested break down of reading so that you can check in and let us know how you're doing. The following breakdown is purely a suggestion and is therefore not set in stone.

Rather than putting dates for each section I've done it so that it takes into account that not everybody will necessarily have the book at the same time.

Week 1: 115.75
Week 2: 115.75
Week 3: 115.75
Week 4: 115.75

Lynn (lmelliott) | 686 comments I plan to start reading the first of February. Looking forward to the discussion..... the cover looks magical!

Scott Flicker | 1191 comments Include me in this read.

Mary Pat | 2186 comments Scott wrote: "Include me in this read."

I have added you to the list of participants!

Catherine | 1561 comments Started it today. MAJOR SPOILER, do not read if you're not through the first two sections of the book. (view spoiler)

Lynn (lmelliott) | 686 comments Catherine wrote: "Started it today. MAJOR SPOILER, do not read if you're not through the first two sections of the book. [spoilers removed]"

Catherine....this is just plain cruel =)

I've about halfway through 'The Prisoner' section and itching to read this spoiler!

Catherine | 1561 comments You can read it then, you already know about it!

message 9: by Lynn (last edited Feb 04, 2017 06:12AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lynn (lmelliott) | 686 comments The Prisoner - When Roland opens the door the second time I was lost for a long time. I'm embarrassed at my poor deductive skills, but I think King wrote this disorientation so well. (view spoiler)

Catherine | 1561 comments I'm on page 120. (view spoiler)

message 11: by Lynn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lynn (lmelliott) | 686 comments Catherine wrote: "I'm on page 120. [spoilers removed]"

I agree his reaction was wonderful.....it was the most pleasure I'd ever heard him express :-)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments Sounds like everyone is enjoying the second book in this series as we head into the second week of February! It is one of my favorite series and I am enjoying your comments! T

Thank you for remembering to mark spoilers! (I read them all!) I don't ever recall seeing so many! :) A sign of a great book!

Catherine | 1561 comments Just got to the halfway point in the book! I'm really enjoying re-reading this series so far.

Mary Pat | 2186 comments How is everyone progressing as we enter the third week of February? Still enjoying this series?

Scott Flicker | 1191 comments I finished listening to the audiobook version and I'm 19% through reading the e-book. I seemed to have missed alot when I listened to the audiobook of the Gunslinger so following up with a second read helped. The second book seems much more understandable so I'm not picking up much new stuff but it's still great go through a second time.

I hope we continue as I've also just finished the audiobook of the third and working through the fourth book. I'll read through the e-books of those as well.

Awesome series.

Catherine | 1561 comments We are definitely continuing! I'm in it until the end :)

Catherine | 1561 comments I finished this book today :)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments We are about to enter the last week of February! How is everyone making out? Ready for the next book, The Waste Lands?

Catherine | 1561 comments I'm so ready!!

Scott Flicker | 1191 comments I'm ready for the next two at least. The series is amazing.

Here is a question and comments for the end of "The Drawing of the Three"
(view spoiler)

message 21: by Lynn (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lynn (lmelliott) | 686 comments Scott wrote: "I'm ready for the next two at least. The series is amazing.

Here is a question and comments for the end of "The Drawing of the Three"

Do you think the drawing of the three although it appears to..."

Wow Scott, I remember that episode. Didn't Kirk do a lot of writhing and grimacing during the transformation? (Ok that could be nearly every episode.....but I sort of remember it that way.) :-)

I'm so glad you brought this up. I hadn't thought the three-in-one woman is especially significant when I read it, but I sure as heck wasn't expecting an outcome like the end of the pusher. I was just so glad that Detta was muzzled.

Initially I thought it was all about the three doors named for the three cards from the dark man. At the end I thought maybe the three gunslingers we end up with were a Trinity (with all that implies). I'm looking forward to the next book! These are really rich stories.

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