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JP Reads (jpfantasyreads) | 787 comments Mod
Hello All,

It's that time again, time to nominate our Books of the Month for February 2017! Please list your choices below =)

To nominate:

*List the book with the title, author, and cover

*Only nominate the FIRST book in a series
--- We will only be reading the first book of any series as a group, members may continue reading a particular series on their own or suggest it as a series read along

*Please keep the nominations to the Urban Fantasy genre

--Nominations will end Monday January 30th--

Have fun!

A list of our past BOTMs can be found here:


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Nikki Landis (nikkilandis) | 4 comments Hello, offering up again. Persistence is key, right?

Nikki Landis
The Guardian, A Fight for Light Novel #1

"Fate has a way of stepping in when you least expect it."

All my life I have searched for meaning hidden in the shadows. A way to emerge from my past and escape the loss that never leaves me. I lost everything once, too young to remember, too weak and young to know the truth, my entire life has been built upon a series of half truths and partial lies. I thought I lived the normal life of a teenager. I thought nothing would ever change the monotony of my existence.

Until I met him. A man as mysterious as the strange occurrences that keep happening around me. He draws me close, challenging what I believe to be true and the knowledge of a fate I can hardly imagine. I have a destiny. I am not the person I thought I was. How do I reconcile my reality to the fate that awaits me?

A chance encounter with a ruthless and deadly enemy, as dark and evil as night, leaves my life in terrible danger. My only choice is to trust my savior. To put my fate in the hands of a man I hardly know. Something evil lurks in the shadows. I am hunted...and I need protection, but the only one who can help me is...The Guardian.

Is the Light strong enough to defeat the Darkness, even if it seeks your soul?

(This book is romance first, urban fantasy second, just to clarify. FREE on all US platforms. First in a series.)


message 4: by Paulette (new)

Paulette Tony, is Moonshadow primarily PNR, or primarily UF? Just out of curiosity.

T. K. Elliott (Tiffany) (t_k_elliott) | 13 comments Stone and a Hard Place by R.L. King.

It’s hard enough for Alastair Stone to keep his two lives—powerful mage and mundane Occult Studies professor—separate without an old friend asking him to take on a new apprentice. Especially after a university colleague wants him to investigate a massive old house for things that go bump in the night. Still, Stone figures it’s an easy job: just turn up, put on a little show, and announce that the house is clean.

Only it isn’t. A malevolent spirit is reawakening in the basement, imprisoned between dimensions and intent on escape. If it succeeds, countless people will die. Worse, a trio of dark mages want to help it break free so they can control it for their own sinister purposes. They’ll do whatever it takes—including seducing Stone’s young apprentice and using him against his master—to get what they’re after.

With time running out, Stone has to stay alive long enough to uncover the spirit’s secrets. But even if he does, he fears that his own power won’t be enough to send it back.

Stone and a Hard Place (Alastair Stone Chronicles, #1) by R.L. King

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Tony | 200 comments Paulette wrote: "Tony, is Moonshadow primarily PNR, or primarily UF? Just out of curiosity."

I have a hard time distinguishing between PNR and UF. This book contains people of various powers, is of the current time period (although mostly outside a small village in Scotland which makes it seem older (if i recall correctly)). There is also a bit of romance between the main female and male characters. All I can say is that I enjoyed the book and am awaiting the next in the series.

message 7: by Paulette (new)

Paulette Tony, in my mind it's whether the point of the book is the plot and there is some romance (UF), or if the point of the book is the romance and there is some plot (PNR)
But that's just the way I distinguish them :)

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Amyiw | 141 comments Moonshadow has a strong romance going on and a good UF back plot at the same time. It is 3rd person POV and centers on the male and female MCs. I would first classify it as PNR and 2nd UF. Picking one or the other PNR definitely.

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Angel Ludwig (kayangel) | 32 comments Tony wrote: "Paulette wrote: "Tony, is Moonshadow primarily PNR, or primarily UF? Just out of curiosity."

I have a hard time distinguishing between PNR and UF. This book contains people of vari..."

PNR usually means an HEA at the end of the book while UF with some romance usually means they may eventually get together (or not), but have some romance along the way.

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