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Steph spoiler!

why not throw the tnt at the baby & not the tunnel? also, if having the baby inside was so horrible, why were the previous two victims so upset when it left them?

Curtis People are upset when the monster leaves them because they are basically heroin addicts to the monsters thrawl now, so used to being lost in the ether that being back in reality is terrifying and horrible. I use heroin as the comparison because the users know it is killing them but will freak the hell out if you try taking their heroin away from them for their own good.

IDK about the TNT question. Maybe he figured the baby creature was some immortal entity anyways and that it wouldn't kill the thing so he'd rather keep them trapped (at least for the lifespan of his family and friends). It was weird how his friends were like "We're not just going to leave him there" but then the book ended without them going back to see what was up.

message 3: by Danny (new)

Danny Miller Yeah so I get the heroin connection but I'm pretty sure it was meant to be the god connection same Euphoria I've used heroin actually liked it loved it actually something about it is special. All you who are making that comparison who never used it you wouldn't know what you're talking about the book was good not the worst I read the troop was good as well the Deep kind of wandered off at times wow this new book pretty much stayed on topic Nick Cutter is definitely the new Stephen King if not in subtle ways better there will be no movies made about his books and that's a shame but at least people like us are reading them and have a place to complain about them!! I'm not saying all of y'all don't know what's good pretty much all I'm saying just try some heroin!!

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