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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Hello, welcome to my journal! Here I'm going to fangirl about everything--so be warned. I'll post as often as possible.

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Sherlock season four has killed me and ripped my heart out. Then gently put it back. :)

Ug. They way it ended made me feel like it's all over. It could be. But they guaranteed season five. Right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!??!

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) LALA, school is boring. Anyone allergic to anything weird?

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Oh... :p

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Wholocker SPEAKS about SPEAK (LOL)


We had a debate about the closet in my class; is it good or bad?

I said it was bad. My argument is simple: you can't bottle up your feelings and hide from everything. Melinda is already anxious and sitting around thinking about what happened to her will only make her more anxious. She needs to tell somebody--ANYBODY--what really happened at the party. Just think: if our ancestors sat around and did nothing we wouldn't have all we do today. We wouldn't be where we are. The other side kept bringing up how you need a place to sit and think alone. Melinda is ALWAYS alone. At home, everywhere. She doesn't need to add more loneliness on top of that. Sitting around like this may even lead her to harm herself. She already has anxiety and depression--this only makes it worse. Melinda also need to find people who will understand her.

I'm really wound up now :)



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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Evelyn wrote: "11WholockLover221B- wrote: "LALA, school is boring. Anyone allergic to anything weird?"

School is. Friends aren't. ;)"

True ;D

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Evelyn wrote: "But I ain't got many..."

I'm here for you ^ ^

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Evelyn wrote: "Oooh, thanks! :D"

No prob ;)

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) This journal is exactly like my life: lonely. X3

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Jazzie (jazzylovesdonuts) | 4 comments Hi

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Qetsiyah wrote: "Hi"


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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Recently found out Sherlock may be done for good. My heart. My soul. I am empty. I'm literally depressed. Sherlock isn't just an amazing show with the beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch, it's also a big part of my life. It's been with me...I don't know what to say. I waited those four years people. FOUR YEARS.

Plus, it's been said Benedict and Martin left season four on "frosty terms." THEY AREN'T FRIENDS ANYMORE GUYS. AGAGAHGAHGHA

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) *glares*

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) ADELA ARE YOU HERE

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) OracleofFire wrote: "Yeah.....

Whats up?"

The sky.

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) This looks right up you and Lola's alley: The Falconer

You're welcome.

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) - -

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Jazzie (jazzylovesdonuts) | 4 comments Hi, again!

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Jazzie (jazzylovesdonuts) | 4 comments Reading to page 45 is to much to read for me!

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Qetsiyah wrote: "Reading to page 45 is to much to read for me!"



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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Adela! Dru's pregnant!!!!! ^ ^

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) OracleofFire wrote: "11WholockLover221B- wrote: "Recently found out Sherlock may be done for good. My heart. My soul. I am empty. I'm literally depressed. Sherlock isn't just an amazing show with the beautiful Benedict..."

It's a facade. I am a dark pit of darkness. *plays dramatic music*


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andromeda (hermoniegronger) OracleofFire wrote: "11WholockLover221B- wrote: "Adela! Dru's pregnant!!!!! ^ ^"

OMG!!!!!! really!!!!

not really surprising if you think about it... but still cute."

Also, guess how they 'celebrated.' O_o
Poor Em. XD

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Jazzie (jazzylovesdonuts) | 4 comments 11WholockLover221B- wrote: "Qetsiyah wrote: "Reading to page 45 is to much to read for me!"



I am not an amateur! Your the amatuer! You DORK!!

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Personal Survey
1. Favorite Color- TARDIS blew :3
2. Height- 5’ 5”
3. Eye color- Dark chocolate brown
4. Hair color- Dirty blonde
5. Age- 14
6. Piercings- lol nope
7. Tattoos- you’re funny
8. Favorite animal/pet- Dog/cat (don’t hate me I can’t choose)
9. Favorite scent- The smell of a new book
10. What time is it- SHOWTIME XD
11. Last song you heard- Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
12. Is there a song stuck in your head- Holding Onto You by twenty one pilots
13. Favorite time of day- Late afternoon/early evening
14 .First pet- Fam w/ me alive: A pugle named Sam and my own personal: a betta fish named Bubbles (he was the best)
15. Siblings- Older step brother name Griffin, older step sister named Emma, younger step sister named Lily and little half sister named Saffron
16. On a day like today you would...? READ A BOOK and/or listen to music
17. The last book you read- Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
18. Are you usually hot or cold- Medium rare
19. Pick one thing to your left, what does it mean to you- What, Ramone? Oh, he’s kind of my husband. It’s complicated. Inside jokes XD
20. Day or night and why- Night because reading and watching things in the dark is cozier
Knee Deep:
21. When was the last time you told someone you loved them- This morning when I left for school
22. When was the last time someone told you they loved you- This morning when I left for school
23. Who is your best friend and how did you meet- My cousin, and we met when she was born XD
24. Do you get sick often- I used to, but ever since I got my tonsils removed I don’t
25. Do you live alone or with other people- My parents are divorced with shared custody so half the time I live with my mom, my step-dad, and my step sister Lily and the other half is with my dad, my step-mom, and my half sister Saffron. My other step siblings (my step-dad’s kids) don’t come by much anymore because they’re older and my older step sister doesn’t really like her dad. It’s complicated and kind of sad because we all used to be pretty close.
26. When was the last time you saw your family- I saw my step-mom this morning when I left for school
27. What do you want to achieve in the next year- Work on writing a book, finish 8th grade
28. Do you believe in true love- Yes, and I hope to find it one day
29. Have you ever been hurt by someone you thought cared about you- No
To the Waist:
30. When was the last time you got hurt- I got a sliver the other day
31. Have you ever hurt yourself- No, not on purpose
32. What was the last fight you had about- Hm….I probably argued with Adela last week about something...
33. Has anyone told you they hated you- No
34. Have you seen anyone die- No
35. What would you tell your younger self- Buckle up kid, it’s a bumpy ride
36. Would you skip the bad parts of your life to be successful- No the ‘bad parts’ make us who we are
37. What do you want to do with the rest of your life- I want to finish school, got to a technical college, get a degree in Interior Design, become and interior designer, get married and have two kids named Peter and Abigail. I might start my own business too once I develop a clientele. Also, I want to write and publish at least one book
38. What’s a place you want to visit- London because Sherlock and Doctor Who
39. Have you left behind/ were you left behind in a friendship- Yes. That’s all I’ll say. It was nothing serious though :)
Neck Deep:
40. Who would you want to meet again in your life- From the past? If so; Agatha Christie, my great-grandparents to learn about my heritage, Arthur Conan Doyle, Vincent Van Gogh and other people I can’t recall. If from now; Benedict Cumberbatch, Marissa Meyer, Matt Smith, Steven Moffet (so I can slap him), Victoria Aveyard, Taylor Swift, Marie Lu
41. Why did you choose your career path- My future one, at least? I love creating this and being able to say “Yes, I did that”
42. What is something you regret from your past- A lot of things, but they’re kind of personal :/
43. How much time is left at the end of your day- Until I got to bed: 10 hours
44. What was your last dream about- Who knows XD
45. Have you ever hated someone and why- Not someone, but I hate my Grandma’s bird. That thing is evil *shivers*
46. Talk about your favorite family member- I can’t choose! That’s unfair! (Either my mom, step-mom, or cousin Emma)
47. What is one thing you want to confess- I helped Ramone stuff a banana in Sophie’s locker.
48. Have you ever tried to take away your problems instead of deal with them- Ignore them? Yes, haven’t we all?
49. Who would you save; yourself or a stranger- Depends
Head Under Water:
50. Have you been in love- Nope. Not yet :)
51. Who are some close friends- Emma (cousin), Adela (I guess), Sophie S. (Ramone), Sophie M. (Writing buddy), Lola (meh), and Becca (math help XD)
52. When was the last time you thought you were beautiful- Once in the past five years. (Personally, I’ll admit, I get offended when someone says I look pretty or beautiful because I know I’m not)
53. Have you ever had to recover after something- A surgery (tonsils)
54. Top ten life values-
55. How do you fall asleep- Buried in my covers and on my side
56. When was the last time you smiled and the last time you cried- A few minutes ago and when I watched Doctor Who over the weekend (lol I cry at DW all the time XD)
57. Ask your own question- Why is this world the way it is? Why are people so cruel? What’s next?

It is what it is.

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) OracleofFire wrote: "Dork?!? Dude... next time you insult one of us please be more creative then dork. That's just sad."

I was thinking the same thing XD

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Meow.

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) OracleofFire wrote: "I cant believe I had enough patience to read that stupid crap. good stuff for leverage though, thanks."

What can you use MWAHAHAHAHAHA

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) OracleofFire wrote: "nothing -_-"


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Lola Flores (lifegoalsequalmoriarty) | 4 comments MWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA NOW I WILL SPY ON EVERYTHING U SAY!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

message 31: by andromeda (new)



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Lola Flores (lifegoalsequalmoriarty) | 4 comments >:)

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Situation: A friend's close family member dies, how do you react Ora?

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Lola Flores (lifegoalsequalmoriarty) | 4 comments haha

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) OracleofFire wrote: "11WholockLover221B- wrote: "Situation: A friend's close family member dies, how do you react Ora?"

I would offer my condolences."

Good, now, LOLA dies, how do you feel?

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Lola Flores (lifegoalsequalmoriarty) | 4 comments I would laugh in their FACE

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) Hey, I'm back! My spring break is over, and I'm super bummed because I did almost NO READING. So in the spirit of spring cleaning vibes I've decided to join some reading challenges. I'll make a list with links here, so you can join to if you want. (This is mostly for me so I can keep track)

Spring Themed:
Spring Cleaning Challenge:
The Dusty Bookshelf Challenge:

Around the World in 80 Books:

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andromeda (hermoniegronger) 50 States of Books Challenge:


Alabama: To Kill a Mockingbird
Arizona: The Host
California: Literally May 2017
Illinois: Divergent
Indiana: All the Bright Places
Kansas: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Maine: The Siren
Mississippi: The Help
New Hampshire:
New Jersey:
New Mexico: Leave Her to Heaven
New York: Alex and Eliza
North Carolina:
North Dakota:
Ohio: The 5th Wave
Oklahoma: Where the Red Fern Grows
Rhode Island:
South Carolina: The Secret Life of Bees
South Dakota:
Vermont: Pollyanna
West Virginia:
(Proud Homestate) Wisconsin: One Came Home

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