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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Hi!

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Xavier | 1125 comments Hello!

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments So did you have any specific ideas you wanted to try or anything?

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Xavier | 1125 comments Uh. I was kinda thinking of like two men (adults) have been friends for a couple years. And Guy A is a vampire and Guy B is a human. Guy A is a solitary vampire but many packs hate him because he won't join them so he tried to leave to get away from it all but they found him and saw that he had a connection with Guy B so they try to use Guy B to get to him and Guy B doesn't know he's a vampire so their friendship kinda strains and yeah, they fall in love at some point in there.

Or we could do coworkers, maybe boss and employee. Something like that.

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments That first idea sounds kinda interesting to me.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Okay. :) Which character would you like to be?

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Could I be guy B?

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Xavier | 1125 comments Yeah, that's fine.

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Okay. Characters then?

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Xavier | 1125 comments Yeap.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Okay. Can you post yours first and I'll follow a similar template?

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Xavier | 1125 comments That's fine.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Name: Darrien Jeremiah Holden
Age: 275+ (Looks 25)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Species: Vampire

Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown - Turn Gold when he reveals his Vampire abilities or feeds
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs

Personality: Derrian is a quiet vampire and much prefers the company of humans to those of his own kind. He is a rather special breed of vampire. Instead of red, his eyes glow gold. Derrian can also spend time out in daylight. Which is not unlike others but he could spend time in bright sunlight, which is unlike other vampires. He spends time with {your OC} because he finds him simple and easy. But he has found himself growing close to the human.

History: Derrian became a vampire 250 years ago when his mother turned him. She didn't bite him to save his life but because she lost her mind, practically going rabid. Derrian hated her ever since. He has spent years avoiding those who wanted them in their pack of vampires but he has never wanted any part of them.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Name: Nico Anthony Mitchell
Age: 21 1/2
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: human

Hair: Light Blond, almost white
Eyes: blue grey
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs

Nico is relatively quiet and keeps to himself until he knows you for a while and trusts you. Then he'll open up more and be a bit more social. If asked about a subject that is truly interesting to him, it's hard to get him to be quiet. He's hardworking and loyal to those he cares for.

Nico came from a small town in the mountains. It was just him, his younger sister and his dad. His mom supposedly just left one day after a fight with his father. But Nico was so young then, he doesn't recall what happened. He finished high school as one of the top in his class and now has moved out to his own apartment. He's going to college but hasn't declared a major yet.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Yay!
I love that picture you used. I use it all the time for my OCs. You don't have to change it though.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Thanks! I use that picture a lot for a couple ocs too.
Your guy is pretty cute by the way.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Thanks. So, who should start?

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Could you please?

message 19: by Xavier (new)

Xavier | 1125 comments Yeah. Give me a few moments.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Alright.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Wait. In at what point to we want to start? Do we want to start from the beginning of their friendship or maybe a couple years in? Or should we just start when the other vampires find my OC?

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Maybe a bit into their friendship and then we can skip after a little while?

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Xavier | 1125 comments Okay.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Okay.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian tossed the torn and rather empty blood packet into the waste basket, wiping the remnants of blood off the corner of his mouth. He licked his teeth clean, his tongue grazing the points of his canines. He hadn't eaten in quite a few days since he had been spending a good chunk of his time with Nico recently. He was meeting Nico at a diner for lunch and he had to sate his blood-lust before he even attempted to put up the facade of being your average human.

Derrian checked him appearance in the mirror of his bathroom for a quick moment before he was satisfied. He left the bathroom, jogging down the stairs and grabbed his keys of his kitchen counter along the way. Derrian checked to make sure he had his wallet and looked around him, just in case something had slipped his mind. Satisfied he hadn't forgotten anything, he walked outside to his car.

Derrian basked in the sunlight and smiled pleasantly, almost triumphantly, to himself. He loved the sun. He loved he had the ability to enjoy such a thing whereas other vampire could not. But then again he was an outcast among his race, his species. He hopped into his car and began to two minute drive to Nico's preferred diner. He was meeting him there for lunch that day. Derrian could run there in the same amount of time but he knew that if he did, he'd be found out. And that's something no one wanted, whether they knew it or not.

He was in an unusually good mood that day which made him suspicious of what was gonna happen in the near future but he didn't dwell on it. He may be a vampire but there were still some things about his human self that stuck with him. Despite the fact it was so long ago.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments (Just letting you know I am not extremely good at being detailed but I'm trying to get better. If my posts ever get too short for you or hard to reply to, please let me know and I'll try to fix it..)

Nico smiled a bit, checking his phone to make sure he and Derrian were still on for lunch. His morning class had just ended so he packed up his stuff and walked out of the lecture hall before out onto the college campus. It was about a ten minute walk to the diner but he didn't mind, it was close to his apartment so he could drop his backpack full of school stuff off at home.

He headed up the two flights of stairs to his 3rd floor apartment and unlocked the door. He had to shove it open since it almost always seemed to stick. He set his backpack down at his desk by the window, grabbing his wallet out of his bag and putting it in his pocket along with his phone. Nico then left his apartment, locking the door and heading to the diner.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian parked his car in front of the diner and got out quickly, stretching lightly. He looked over the worn exterior of the restaurant. The inside was equally abused but the food was delicious as far as any diner he had been to before. Derrian went inside, the bell dinging above him as he opened the door. He chose a booth, the one the generally sat at. Derrian knew that Nico hadn't beaten him, he came after him almost 99% of the time.

He smiled at the waitress that came up to their table and ordered his typical water and basket of buttered rolls. Those were more for Nico than himself. Derrian looked up the bell noised once more and he smiled at Nico, gesturing him over. As if he would go anywhere else. "Why hello, Nico. Fancy seeing you here," he joked, straightening from his slouched position to sit up rightly.

Derrian has been friends with Nico for two, almost three years at that point. At first, he had found it very difficult to create an actual firm friendship with Nico but once he had, Derrian was glad he had chosen him as one of the very people he would create such a friendship with.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Nico sighed as he saw Derrians car out front. Just once he'd like to beat him there. But oh well. He walked inside, smiling as he saw Derrian. "Hey Derrian. Stealing my booth again I see." He teased as he sat down across from him.

Nico yawned and stretched, tired after just sitting in class for the past couple hours. "So how was your day?" He asked curiously.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian shrugged and partially cocked a brow. He ran a hand through his hair before resting his hands on the cool table top. "Like any other day," he responded simply, because that's all it was. A normal day in the life of a vampire who had been blending in for the past couple hundred years. "How did your classes go?" Derrian asked him, making their normal small talk.

He drummed his fingers on the table then paused momentarily as the waitress brought back his water and rolls then took Nico's drink order. "Oh," he started. "Didn't you say that someone said someone liked you? Or so they thought? Whatever happened there? Or was I just imagining that?" Derrian inquired of the young man. He didn't really ever pry for answers from him about anything so he didn't mind whether Nico answered his question or not.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments "Hmm. That sounds pretty boring. You're supposed to go out and have adventures and tell me about them to break the boring monotony of my classes." Nico replied. "We basically had a giant lecture on history. In my English class. I didn't fall asleep this time at least..." He shrugged.

Nico ordered a cup of coffee before grabbing one Of the rolls. He tore off and ate a bite before answering Derrian. "I honestly have no clue. They've been saying this girl likes me and stuff but I barely know her or anything so I dunno." He admitted.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian gave him a light shrug and an unapologetic look. "I had all my adventures years ago," he replied before chuckling softly. "Oh, well. Isn't it always that way?" Derrian joked, leaning back in his seat. He smiled lightly, tapping his fingers to a beat playing in his head.

"Actually, tomorrow, I do have something exciting to do," Derrian informed him, his smile growing. He was going out of town. While Derrian may be a "lone wolf" when it came to the vampire life, he did have an obligation to attend a meeting every so often. Not that he would divulge on what it was about but he could know that much at least.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments "You aren't that old. So I don't see how you had your adventures years ago unless you had them when you were like 12." Nico stated, completely unaware of Derrian's actual age and the fact he wasn't human. He ate more of his roll, smiling when he mentioned an adventure.

"Ooh. Really?" He smiled a bit. "Well then I expect to hear about it tomorrow." He replied. The waitress brought Nico his coffee and he thanked her, adding in some sugar.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian didn't address the comment on his "adventures", letting it slide. "Oh, yes. You will hear all about it," Derrian promised, stopping the waitress to order his food. He got the same thing every time and he looked over at Nico to see if he was ready. He was almost certain that since he loved this place, he would know what he wanted but he could never tell if he was ready or not.

(Just and FYI, I'm gonna reduce it to a paragraph until I have more to say. I'm grasping for straws.))

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Nico smiled and nodded. "Okay good. That'll be nice to hear about your adventures for once." He commented. Nico ordered after Derrian did, getting the same thing he often ordered. He drank more of his coffee, holding the mug close since it was really warm.

(That's alright)

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian fell quiet for a moment. This seemed to happen a lot to them but hardly ever was it awkward or anything like that. He sighed softly, rubbing his eyes. He slept very rarely because his body hardly ever needed but he would still get tired. Derrian did usually take naps but never had a full 8 hours of sleep at once but once a month.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Nico watched him for a moment, thinking. He smiled a bit. "Anything else fun going on this week?" He asked him, knowing that he'd likely busy with school work and working at a bookstore almost every evening. He didn't mind though. He liked that he was in school and doing something with his life, even if he wasn't exactly sure what that something was yet.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian thought for a moment before shaking his head. "No. That's about it. Unless something unexpected happens, my week is full of rather mundane things. I do have to put in that application for um... What was it... Oh yeah. The PR building but otherwise," he finished with a light shrug. He took a couple drinks of his water before setting it aside again.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments "You might wanna do that soon. You know, before they start on interviewing people." Nico commented with a shrug. "But maybe something surprising or unexpected will happen, add interest to your life."

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Xavier | 1125 comments Oh, how nice would that be? Derrian thought to himself. He may have been glad that no one had bothered him for a while but he felt like he had done everything there was to do. "I would love a little excitement in my life. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy my time with you but life gets boring eventually." Derrian spoke honestly. He had no idea what he would be doing if it wasn't for the fact that he was around Nico most of the time.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Nico nodded. "A bit of excitement would be fun. Maybe you just need to do something impulsive and reckless for once. That might help." He commented, thinking out loud. Nico just liked being around Derrian. He was calm and didn't expect much of anything from Nico and just let him be himself.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian gave a soft dry chuckle. Some impulsive and random action would ruin a lot of things in one way or another. "Nah. I'm not that brave. I wait for the excitement to come to me," he said, giving a fake cocky smile. He looked up and sat back as the waitress brought out their food, setting it before them.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Nico rolled his eyes. "And you wonder why you lead such a boring life at times.." He teased. "Do I just need to make impulsive decisions and drag you along with me?" He asked. Nico looked up and thanked the waitress when they set down their food.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian laughed genuinely that time and shook his head, briefly thanking the waitress. He picked up his fork and pushed around his food for a moment before taking a bite of mac and cheese. He never had urges to eat human's food, partially because it tasted mostly of dust and cardboard with a hint of seasoning, but because his hunger was obviously sated with the blood. Still, he ate to keep up the facade of being a normal person.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments "Why not?" Nico asked. He ate a few of his french fries before picking up his chicken sandwich and starting to eat. He glanced around the mostly empty diner every now and then, thinking and distracted by his own thoughts.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian took another bite of his food before answering. "Believe me, the excitement will come to me eventually. I just have to wait," he stated, cutting into the country fried stake he had ordered. Derrian meant what he said. While he didn't expect it to be any time soon, he knew that the other vampires would find him again and he would have that to deal with. But until then, he would rather wait for them to come to him than go looking for all that trouble.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Nico rolled his eyes. "Alright then. Best of luck to you with that strategy." He remarked. He didn't think that Derrian was wrong for choosing to wait for excitement to find him in life. He just thought that maybe making some impulsive decisions and seeing what happened could be pretty fun too rather than waiting for things to catch up with you. But who was Nico to judge, honestly he was rarely impulsive, he wanted to know what was going on before anything happened.

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Xavier | 1125 comments Derrian took a took a generous out of his food and nodded. "Thanks," he chirped around the mouthful of food. He finished off his food quickly after that. Derrian wiped his mouth and returned to casually sipping at the water the waitress had just refilled for him.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments Nico ate a bit slower. In the end, he finished almost all of his French fries but only about half of his sandwich. This was normal for him though, even if he was really hungry, he never ate much.

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Xavier | 1125 comments ((Idk know what to do, honestly.))

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) | 11803 comments (If you'd like, we could skip a bit?)

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