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The Fledgling (Hall Family Chronicles #4)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA book, probably from 70s or 80s, featuring a swan? [s]

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Jacob Evans | 4 comments The details I remember are spotty at best, but I seem to recall the book switching perspective between people living in a house--I think it was a couple of kids whose parents were maybe academics? there was something about a bust of emily dickinson and some other equally famous writer in their house--and then sort of POV chapters about a swan, or goose, or some large aquatic bird who had some kind of...object, like a glowing object, which, I believe, at the book's climax, he somehow presented to the family.

Typing all that out, it just sounds like some kind of insane dream. I hope I've remembered it even half as well as I described it. I know I read it when I was probably eight years old, which means it couldn't have been published after 1991 or so. How crazy would it be if someone could ID this thing. It's been haunting me for years.

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Bunnycore Do you remember if it was part of a series?

The Fledgling (Hall Family Chronicles #4)
By Jane Langton

It has a goose in it. Was published in 1981. Dont remeber if it had a "shiny object"

Jacob Evans | 4 comments Yep, this is it. That's incredible. I feel like some huge weight has been lifted off my mind: I've wondered about this book for god knows how long. Thank you.

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Bunnycore Happy to help.

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David Brown (r2drivenimpala) | 70 comments Book link: The Fledgling

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