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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Can't remember name of book about a girl abandoned by her mother. [s]

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LS Johnson I'm looking for a children's book about a middle school girl who was abandoned by her mother when she was a baby. She is being raised by her grandmother and father, who is a truck driver. The girl can see the house her mother lives in when she rides the bus to school. The girl sees her mother's house is up for sale so she wants to do something great so her mother can read about her in the paper before her mother moves. The girl does sneak into the mother's house near the climax of the story and discovers the mom has another daughter. This book could POSSIBLY be a Newbery winner, but I have gone over that list and nothing looks like it.

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Pamela Love | 1079 comments I just read this. It's something like "Gertie's" or "Gertrude's" Great Leap. I'll work on it. Gertrude is definitely the MC's name. It came out in 2016.

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Pamela Love | 1079 comments Got it! Gertie's Leap to Greatness by Kate Beasley. Gertie's Leap to Greatness

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LS Johnson YES!! Thank you sooooo much!

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LS Johnson It's a really good read for middle school/early HS. Shucks, it was a good read for me!

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Pamela Love | 1079 comments You're welcome. I liked it, too.

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