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message 1: by Michael, NWC Goodreads Group Admin (new) - rated it 3 stars

Michael Hanscom (djwudi) | 137 comments Mod
Have you read Kristy Acevedo's Consider? Let us know what you thought!

message 2: by Michael, NWC Goodreads Group Admin (new) - rated it 3 stars

Michael Hanscom (djwudi) | 137 comments Mod
Apparently I enjoy pre-apocalyptic stories more than post-apocalyptic stories. This was an enjoyable read, as the teen heroine struggles with family and anxiety as the end of the world approaches. The mystery of the vortexes and what, if anything, lies on the other side had me unsure just how the book would wrap up, and while I'm not entirely sure about the end, I don't find it entirely objectionable, either. Not sure if this will be my final pick, but it was the most enjoyable for me so far (with three of the six nominees read).

Michelle Morrell (vylotte) | 34 comments I just finished, and I completely agree about the ending. I must admit I didn't see it coming though, and I like seeing YA that is smart and sciency, even with all the teenage angst.

Shelley George | 23 comments What to say about this book. 
I would have left earlier. But would I have? The author writes a compelling scenario for putting off going. We are humans who procrastinate after all.  So it was all good until the very end. Not sure it worked for me. 
But it does make you sing in your head..."should I go or should I stay...".

Michelle Morrell (vylotte) | 34 comments My review: The world is stunned when portals and holograms appear, claiming the earth is going to be destroyed by a comet. Told there is no hope but to step through into an alternate future, who will choose the unknown over the prophesied? As society starts to close down, the answer is suddenly not so clear anymore.

One of the Phillip K Dick award nominees for 2016, this is definitely a YA book, with a protagonist as concerned with her friends and romance as she is with the end of the world. But still, it was smart and there were plenty of big ideas and sciency scenarios to cement its place with the big kids. And the ending really did surprise me, even though it fit well with the motivations of the main character, setup, and plot.

My one complaint was the heavy handed way we were shown the main character's anxiety. By the 15th mention and Ativan popped, I got it. But then she meets with one good psychiatrist and it suddenly disappeared. 1) Those pills are linked to Alzheimer's, stop making them seem like a miracle and 2) someone with that level of severe anxiety is not going to have such an extreme turn around in the space of a couple of weeks.

Still, a solid contender and a cerebral notch above typical YA fare. I'm happy to see the range in this year's nominees.

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