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message 1: by Dave (new)

Dave Postma | 7 comments Gangs and gang wars, cybercults, assassins, drugs, cyber augementations & techno enhanced powers (think Molly and her nails or Riviera with his Holograms in Neuromancer), offbeat characters with offbeat names and titles (same with gang names), bizarre near future fashion, dystantopian cities,

I still have to read a lot of 'cyberpunk'. I'm general not a novel guy, came in through film, comics and videogames. Of which i'm more well versed with cyberpunk

So far I've only finished:
Neuromancer, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, Dr. Adder, Futuristic Violence And Fancy Suits, Cigarette Boy, HardWired.

I'm definately gonna start the sequels, of these titles. Don't bother naming those, but other then that please enlighten me on crunk cyberpunk-ish titles.

I grew up with movies like Blade Runner, anime like Cyber City OEDO 808, comics like Ronin and Blame!. So any novels that reflect that feel are much appreciated.

Some of the titles i'm interested in reading next, can anyone shed some light if I will enjoy these given the keywords I mentioned? Like the Takeshi Kovac series, i hear much praise but I don't know for sure If I would dig it. Snow Crash for example sounds very interesting because of that bad guy 'Raven' walking around with a harpoon and a portable nuclear bomb. That tingles my imagination (I hope there are more characters like him walking around in Snow Crash). So will I dig the Takeshi Kovac series given this information?

- Snow Crash?
- Escapology?
- Skull Crack City?
- Arachne?
- Bad Voltage?
- Bring Me The Head Of The Buddha?
- Cyberskin?
- Dead Dwarves Don't Dance?
- Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things?
- The Water Knife?
- Destroying Angel?
- Hothead?
- Implied Spaces?
- Islands in the Net?
- Knightforce?
- M!sha Red Spider White Web?
- redRobe?
- Runtime?
- Scissors Cut Paper Wraps Stone?
- Soul Razor?
- The Invisible Country?
- Shockwave Rider?
- Avery Cates series?
- Alter Inferno Complex series?
- Marid Audran series?
- 'Street' series?
- 'Cat' series?
- Aubrey Knight series?
- A song called youth series?
- Singularity's Children series?
- Takeshi Kovac series?
- Technomancer series?
- The Bridge chronicles series?
- The Continuing time series?
- The Minus Faction series?
- The Vurt series?
- The Ware series?
-... and of course anything i haven't listed here but you think I like

Any help guiding me into the right titles is appreciated?

message 2: by Roman (new)

Roman (rebel_reader) | 4 comments You will definitely dig the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy if you liked the books you listed. Black Man (aka Thirteen) and Market Forces by the same author are also very enjoyable and fit broadly into the cyberpunk category.

message 3: by Fraser (new)

Fraser Simons (frasersimons) Takeshi Kovacs trilogy especially 1st and 3rd books are amazing. Escapeology is great because it's very new, well written, and explores more relevant themes.

message 4: by Dave (new)

Dave Postma | 7 comments What kind of baddies does Takeshi Kovac encounter?

Roy Batty (Blade Runner)? Hideo - Peter Riviera - Julius "Julie" Deane - The Turing Police trio (Neuromancer), Raven (Snow Crash). Baddies like these?

message 5: by Fraser (new)

Fraser Simons (frasersimons) Altered carbon is about him solving a murder mystery while crawling into the seedy underbelly of what earth has become. He fights other augmented humans with bullets. Lots of bullets.

message 6: by Dave (new)

Dave Postma | 7 comments Fraser wrote: "Altered carbon is about him solving a murder mystery while crawling into the seedy underbelly of what earth has become. He fights other augmented humans with bullets. Lots of bullets."

But are the other augmented humans just 1 in a dozen grunts? Or do they have character? That's all i want to know, before i start on it. You can spoil things :) From summaries I don't find anything interesting baddie character yet.

message 7: by Fraser (new)

Fraser Simons (frasersimons) Mmm depends. People can buy cheap augments so he runs into a couple. If they're police or in the military they usually have much better augments.

message 8: by Boden (last edited Jan 29, 2017 12:30PM) (new)

Boden Steiner (boden_steiner) | 21 comments Tak Kovacs is all the character you need. There isn't any one central antagonist in the novels, but Morgan is a great writer. There is fantastic action, but all grounded in character. Best analogy I can think of might be Jason Bourne as an ex-super soldier. Kovacs isn't fighting with his political makers however, so much as trying to come to terms with it and understand it. He's a merc with a long past. People quake when they find out he's ex-envoy.

Regardless of these things, as cyberpunk (or post-cp, if you must) these stories deliver to the taste. Altered Carbon was in film development for years before eventually getting the coming Netflix series treatment.

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