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message 1: by Nancy, Co-Moderator (new)

Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 8550 comments Mod
The general discussion area is getting a bit clogged with readers who are offering to read and review books. I've set up a new thread under Authors' Corner here. Trust me, it's a much better place. So I'm asking nicely that readers go there with their offers to review books. Thanks!!

message 2: by Bill, Co-Moderator (new)

Bill | 5389 comments Mod
That's a good idea, Nancy.

message 3: by Nancy, Co-Moderator (new)

Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 8550 comments Mod
Bill wrote: "That's a good idea, Nancy."

I thought so, but thanks!!!

We needed one spot to collect all of the "I'll read your book" posts.

message 4: by Miss M (new)

Miss M | 560 comments My rule is not to read crimefic from authors who are totally clueless.

message 5: by Wendy (new)

Wendy | 556 comments Miss M wrote: "My rule is not to read crimefic from authors who are totally clueless."
Agree. Plus, authors who Review their own books with 5 stars and do not contribute to the group -

message 6: by William (new)

William Davis | 132 comments Miss M wrote: "My rule is not to read crimefic from authors who are totally clueless."

Apologies for posting in the wrong area.

message 7: by Derek (new)

Derek | 6 comments Soz, only saw this after replying to someone.

message 8: by Nancy, Co-Moderator (new)

Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 8550 comments Mod
Christine wrote: "I would be happy to review and give feed back on a book. Please feel free to ask me; I think feedback is beneficial.

My book is, "The Shelter," by Christine E Liley (it's on Goodreads also).

I a..."

Please post in the following:

message 9: by Larry (new)

Larry Garner (larryanimalgarner) | 5 comments I am newly returned to Goodreads after an extended illness. What is the procedure for contacting readers willing to review crime novels without causing myself a problem?

message 10: by Jess (new)

Jess McDonald (jessbymyshelf) | 26 comments The month of April on my blog/facebook page is geared toward "Psychological Thrillers". I thought it would be appropriate for April since April is Mental Illness Awareness. I am searching for an upcoming author for my April edition that has something in this genre whether a manuscript or newly published that I could review and feature on my blog. If all possible, I would also love to interview you as well.


message 11: by Devi (last edited May 03, 2017 10:02AM) (new)

Devi Nair (views_she_writes) | 116 comments Hi. I review Mystery books like Murder Mysteries, Cozy Mysteries, Psychological Thrillers etc.. Check out my review blog at Views She Writes

message 12: by Jade (new)

Jade Wright (bohobookworm) | 21 comments I just got 2 new thrillers for my birthday!! Who has read them?! :)

message 13: by Alan (new)

Alan | 148 comments Would love for someone to read and review my novel A Ghoulish Good Time. It can be downloaded for free at my Goodreads homepage, Alan Zacher, Thanks!!!!

A Ghoulish Good Time by Alan Zacher

message 14: by Sharlene (new)

Sharlene Almond | 13 comments Jess wrote: "The month of April on my blog/facebook page is geared toward "Psychological Thrillers". I thought it would be appropriate for April since April is Mental Illness Awareness. I am searching for an up..."

HI Jess,

I know I'm a little late on this one; however, if you are still interested in reviewing a psychological thriller, it would be great if you wanted to review my one - Initiated to Kill

If you are interested, you can email me on, and I can send you a E-book of your choice.


message 15: by J.S. (new)

J.S. Bell (jsbellauthor) | 29 comments As a young girl, Mecca witnesses the rape and murder of her institutionalized mother. Her young mind, not able to cope, buried the memory so deep she can’t remember what happened. Then Mecca and her twin sister, Bella, lose their father to his terrible grief and depression. The two girls find themselves living in a group home. Mecca is soon diagnosed with the same multi-personality disease as her mother. Admitted to a mental institution, Mecca finds herself treated by Dr. Marz … the same psychiatrist who treated her mother.

When Bella is adopted by a loving family, Mecca finds herself dealing with her pain alone. As time goes on her blackouts worsen. She shifts from personality to personality. Horrible flashes of her mother’s rape and murder begin to coalesce in her mind. Mecca seeks the help of her sister Bella and Dr. Marz. But then, are they who they appear to be? In Mecca’s world, it is hard to know.

Are Mecca’s many personalities all in her mind? Or are they a means to hide her psychological scars. Is Bella real or another of her many personalities? What happened the day her mother died?

J.S. Bell's psychological thriller about the horrors of mental illness is full of twists. The reader won’t see what is coming.

A last psychological twist awaiting discovery.

message 16: by Diane (new)

Diane Meier (goodreadscomDEMeier) Hi, nobody has posted here for a while. I'm just wondering if there's another discussion about readers who want to read/review. Thanks

message 17: by Nate (new)

Nate Briggs (nate1952) Maybe just a little weariness. There's a lot of sunshine in your day when you're looking at something that is solid 5-star material. But most books put you in he position of delivering bad news that the author doesn't want to hear - and you don't want to deliver.

message 18: by Jade (new)

Jade Wright (bohobookworm) | 21 comments Pan Macmillan sent me Lottie Moggach's new book, Under the Sun, for review!

message 19: by Diane (new)

Diane Meier (goodreadscomDEMeier) Nate wrote: "Maybe just a little weariness. There's a lot of sunshine in your day when you're looking at something that is solid 5-star material. But most books put you in he position of delivering bad news tha..."

I know what you mean. With Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited I'm getting books that I give up on. Maybe when I paid for a book or went to the bother of going to the library, I was more reluctant to give up. I don't know. And I'm with you. I don't leave bad reviews either. But at least the authors got a shot, which is the good news.

message 20: by Diane (new)

Diane Meier (goodreadscomDEMeier) Jade wrote: "Pan Macmillan sent me Lottie Moggach's new book, Under the Sun, for review!"

Wow, I never saw a video review. Shows how out of it I am. Great job

message 21: by Abbey (new)

Abbey (abbess) | 37 comments Netgalley just gifted me with ebooks of Eric Reed's newest
Ruined Stones by Eric Reed 2nd in series about a policewoman in small town North of England during WW2. It's published as of today, I think.

also received the first three Heron Civic Miss Seton books as omnibus Heron Carvic

and Lois Austen-Leigh The Incredible Crime by Lois Austen-Leigh

message 22: by Jade (new)

Jade Wright (bohobookworm) | 21 comments FRIDAY READS!
(What are you reading this weekend?!) x

message 23: by Abbey (new)

Abbey (abbess) | 37 comments This weekend am likely to (attempt to) read and review:
Ruined Stones by Eric Reed RUINED STONES
Pulped A Simeon Grist Novel by Timothy Hallinan PULPED

have read but need to review:
Take Out by Margaret Maron TAKE OUT

and likely to sample from time-to-time:
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books by Martin Edwards STORY CLASSIC CRIME

but what's yelling loudest AT me is:
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. by Neal Stephenson RISE AND FALL OF D.O.D.O, a perfectly ENORMOUS new doorstopper from Neal Stephenson that has to go back to the library earliest! (no renewals available, looong wait lists for it)

message 24: by Forrest (new)

Forrest Kane Hi everyone,
Iraq veteran trying to break into the novel world.

My first book, Girl Gone Rogue, is up on Amazon in both e-book and paperback versions.

I have a e-book giveaway running right now at:

Below is the what I have listed as a book description.
Psychosis. Delusions. Hallucinations. Fragmented memories. Any fans of Gone Girl, Girl on Train, or Before I Go to Sleep will love this new psychological thriller!

Waking up in a psych ward with little memory of her past, Iraq veteran Dominique Wolfe must come to terms with her demons as she works through her troubling, psychotic history. Dominique is unsure if she can trust her own mind: it has been tainted by several bad choices she has made since coming home from deployment. As flashbacks help her begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together, Dominique realizes that sometimes, things are not always as they seem.


They were limiting me.
I rubbed my pounding forehead as I tried to muscle through the information again. My brain was fighting me every step of the way with what I was trying to do. The words appeared to blur together. I'd gone over everything a couple of times. I folded my arms across my chest and I let out a weighted sigh. A massive wall had engraved itself into my head. My normal downpour of paranoid ideas that would usually fall straight from my thoughts was missing tonight. The wall in my brain had them on house arrest.
Maybe I'm still recovering from the benzodiazepine withdrawals.
Why is my brain doing this? What do I need these walls for? To defend me from something? Or to prevent the escape of my ideas? Maybe certain thoughts... evil thoughts... would mentally break me if they were liberated from this prison. So why do I feel betrayed for not figuring this all out? My thoughts shouldn't be living in fear and they don't require defending. I leaned back in my chair and scanned the ceiling above me. A yawn escaped my lips and I rubbed my eyes. My thoughts were becoming foggier and rambling on about themselves. Maybe I should re-approach this later.
This migraine is killing me.
I stood up out of my chair and walked into the bathroom. As I grabbed my toothbrush, I stopped. I looked at my reflection. The mirror portrayed me as the woman the world saw,with my red hair coming down to my shoulders, and my small frame and blue eyes that you could get lost in. Somehow, it didn't seem like an accurate representation,but a shallow image of what potential danger truly lied underneath. I was a threat to the true monsters of the world; full of a fiery Irish rage, interwoven with a love of others and a moral compass to always hold the line.How had I fallen this far? To an inpatient psychiatric hospital stay? I had run countless missions in Iraq on a team disposing of roadside bombs. I had made a name for myself as I got out into the civilian world, climbing the corporate ladder until my ungraceful fall. And yet, somehow, through all this, I was reduced to a hollow being of who I truly once was. I'm not the woman I used to be.
Guys don't even flirt with me anymore.
It's like I'm unattractive somehow. I've put on weight, and my face has blown up like a blowfish from all the restless nights. I have bags under my eyes. I feel like others can see the damage inside me, as if they have a magical eyeglass that tells them how truly broken I am. Maybe it's the way I carry myself, or some hidden obvious sign in my stride.
I felt something on my cheek. As I looked, my eyes widened.
My left cheek muscle was spasming.
It was like a small child was using my skin as a trampoline, causing it to collapse concavely into the side of my face every couple of seconds. I started panicking. Why was this happening? I felt a strange sensation start to engulf my arm. I looked down and realized I was no longer in control as it flopped around like a fish out of water.
My heart was racing now.
I was starting to lose function in other parts of my body. I looked in the mirror again. My body was twitching and jerking randomly, like a zombie on a horror movie. I realized I was having a seizure. As I fell to the ground, I wondered if that image of myself was the last thing I would remember as my body went into shock.

message 25: by David (new)

David Sherwood | 1 comments Hello, Looking for people to read/review my book. Free with Kindle Unlimited. I hope you enjoy and leave a review if you do. 3-5 stars. Thanks.

While completing a project for school, Becca Grey finds a distinct pattern in the lives of the women of her family tree. Since the 1730's in every generation, the second daughter of the first daughter has never lived a day past eighteen. Her family has called it the 'Tilly Curse' after it's first known victim. Her cousin Elisabeth, who is just five at the time, is next in line to suffer the same fate. Becca is determined to find the answer. In the years ahead she must hone her skills to try and defeat something beyond reasoning.

message 26: by J.T. (new)

J.T. Riggen | 2 comments Hey David. Exchange review? I’d love to download your book if you take a look at mine. Let me know.

message 27: by Virginia (new)

Virginia Henderson Hey readers!

Cyber weekend sale! Download Tales From a Story-Teller for FREE on Amazon Kindle! offers ends Monday November 27th.

Honest reviews are appreciated! Thanks!

Tales from a Story-Teller
Tales from a Story-Teller by Virginia Henderson

message 28: by Liam (new)

Liam Fialkov | 2 comments Hi everyone,

I’m looking for reviews of my new mystery thriller, ‘The Broadcast,’ available on Amazon.

I’ll be glad to send reviewers an epub or pdf of my book.

About the book:
A mysterious television show gains widespread popularity by broadcasting films of obscure origin. At first, the program focuses on assisting police in unraveling unsolved crime cases. Later on, the show changes direction when it embarks on a journey back in time through previous centuries. It uses its exceptional technology to air momentous events which have never been seen before.
A well-known journalist believes that the show is based on a deception. He decides to investigate the case, striving to uncover the source of the enigmatic footage.
This setting is weaved into a captivating and moving psychological thriller, filled with surprising twists and turns of events.
For a free copy, please write to,

message 29: by Jo-Ann (new)

Jo-Ann (goodreadscomjoann_leake) | 4 comments I'd love to review it, Liam and I send an email...
Regards, Jo-Ann, Toronto

message 30: by J.T. (new)

J.T. Riggen | 2 comments Happy Sunday everyone!

I am looking for reviews of my new political thriller The Chaos of Change. It’s been called “Political thriller writing at its best!” Below is the link and the description. Let me know if you’re interested, and can’t wait for the feedback. It’s the readers and the reviewers who are the oil that makes the writing engine work.

Welcome to the imminent future: the American political gap is maximized; the individual states have begun clamoring for the disbandment of their federal government for its lack of stability; multiple power-hungry groups lick their chops at the thought of grabbing the reigns of the United States of America. And then a nation defining incident occurs, Article V of the U.S. Constitution is activated, and three sovereign territories come into existence.

But this hardly bothers Thaddeus Jackson – the son of a popular former president – who had money, fame, and a promising career in politics…until he ran away to the Alaskan wilderness to live in peace away from his family and the growing civil unrest.

What few know is that an elite group – led by Shane Wallace, Director of the CIA – has taken action. They recruit the very hesitant Thaddeus to be part of a diplomatic team tasked to negotiate the seemingly impossible peace between the liberal leaders of the North and his dysfunctional, republican family that now runs the South. The team includes Lozen Kyway, a highly-trained female agent turned bodyguard; Dr. Andreas Albrecht, a brilliant engineer and scientist who believes he’s discovered a truly sustainable, albeit dangerous, energy source; and Tomas Martinez, the former Vice President.

This elite group, and all its supporting team, will come together in a race against the clock to divert the territories away from war. New-age patriots will rise and fall, and new threats to democracy – never before imagined – will emerge from the shadows. Can the well-intentioned come together fast enough to ward off war in the states? Whose intentions are noble? Whose are full of malicious intent? Prepare yourself for an American era teeming with espionage, lies, murder, manipulation...The Chaos of Change!

message 31: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Willis (stephenjwillis) | 63 comments I am looking for reviews for my book: What's the Time Mr. Wolfdog?. Let me know if you are interested!

Before the lone wolf’s cry, Tim Connery had been resigned to the fact of a cold Christmas alone. Encompassed by snowy landscapes, the views from his cottage toward the outbound vistas were but another reminder of his desolation.

Deserted by his wife and children, he is forced into the gradual admittance of his betrayal, and in keeping an unspeakable secret that is slowly tearing him apart.

Before long however, Tim suddenly finds himself surrounded by a battalion of desperate and starving dogs that have recently broken free from the nearest pound for illegal and unstable animals. Since being liberated from restraint and subservient only to a vicious pack leader, they will do anything and eat anything to survive - and Tim is no exception to the menu.

The unpredicted appearance of a woman's dead body however, finally brings Tim to his knees, forcing him to finally confront not only his past and his future, but the very fundamentals of his faith in God. It becomes apparent thereafter that death is no stranger to Tim, when truth is revealed at even the most unexpected of times.

Here, the line between man and beast becomes lost in the overwhelming will to endure and overcome, wherein only the victor will survive to tell the tale.

message 32: by Nancy, Co-Moderator (last edited Jan 24, 2018 05:36AM) (new)

Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 8550 comments Mod
I can appreciate that you all want publicity for your work, and I have no problem with that. However, as I have said TWICE in this thread, this is not the place. I have created threads specifically for readers looking for books to review and for authors looking for readers. In two days I will be deleting all posts in this thread except for those actually relevant to this discussion. I HATE being the thread police, but there are always people who don't seem to get the message.


Readers -- please do NOT use this space to post that you are looking to review a book.

Writers -- Please do NOT post that you are looking for reviewers, or anything connected to wanting people to review your books anywhere but in the thread noted in the link below or in other promotional areas. From now on, any promotional posts in the reader areas anywhere will just be deleted without warning.



message 33: by Nell (last edited Feb 10, 2018 02:27PM) (new)

Nell Nancy wrote: "I can appreciate that you all want publicity for your work, and I have no problem with that. However, as I have said TWICE in this thread, this is not the place. I have created threads specifically..."

The title of this thread is the only thing some people are reading. Maybe adding DO NOT in the title will accomplish your goal.

I'm posting here to let you know that the Spammer is BACK!!! This time he posted as James in the Report for Duty folder. Not sure why the post about spam review requests was frozen. I'm using this one to let you know. Is there another way you prefer to be notified.

Most mods are flagging his posts and deleting them. This sounds like you are OK with the guy spamming this group as long as he posts it in the right folder.

eta - Nancy, you misread my posts. I did not say that you are ok with spammers. Saying where to post requests sounds like a mixed message. Your message to me was much more direct and impolite than the ones you've sent the actual offenders in your previous posts.

message 34: by Nancy, Co-Moderator (new)

Nancy Oakes (quinnsmom) | 8550 comments Mod
I am NOT okay with spamming, nor am I okay with this person deciding to use this group as his own personal advertising space. I've flagged and deleted his posts more than once when I've seen them. I've deleted and blocked him twice from the group. I've reported him to Goodreads three times and haven't heard a word from them. So pardon me, Nell, but please do not tell me that I am okay with spamming. I've done everything humanly possible to keep this guy and his posts out of our reader threads short of monitoring every single post made every single minute of every single day, and that's just impossible.

Everyone is always welcome to send me personal messages through this site or directly at oakesn at gmail dot com.

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