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Is this book really that good?
Kapa Kapa Oct 24, 2016 05:32AM
Just started reading this book and was wondering if the author was trying to cater mostly to the general public instead of giving hard hitting facts and achieving economic security like the book promises to. Is this just my opinion or are there others who also share this view?

Note : Have just started this book and also I am not quite an entrepreneurial kind of person and this could be the reason for my view. Just felt this way although the book is highly recommended by most of my friends....

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Yes it is that good! It's about changing your middle class mindset and learning to think like rich capitalists. The key to financial success is education about finance. He's teaching you what the rich teach their kids and how they stay wealthy. They know basic principles that the middle class do not know. He does give a basic blueprint for financial success but again, he is encouraging you to think differently about money and get yourself truly educated. He generalizes the blueprint.

Bryan Moore I agree! This was the first finance-related book I read (years ago) and it really changed the way that I thought about money, investing, and my career ...more
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If you mean does he have a clear defined path for success then no, what he does do however or at least what I took out of it is that he gives you alternative ways to see things

this book changed alot for all my family 10 years ago since then we all change the way we think about our jobs and our money . we started investing our money so it will work for us and not the other way around

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a great start for everyone who is interested to start a financial secure life with a controllable amount of efforts and the great reward of freedom and independency.
It starts by providing you the mentality of a producer and teaching you to accept money as a instrument which is controllable and should be treated totally rational.
Further Robert tries to free oneself from the fear of change and failure to open our mind to opportunities.
It's a well written book and a good start to an independent life.

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I absolutely loved the book and i'd suggest you read it till the end and then draw a conclusion out of it. Because the author has not only mentioned some useful points regarding investing your money smartly, but has also stated real life facts related to it. It'll make you think how you can actually manage your money and make some good investments as well.

Good luck with the experience:)

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Yes, this book is very informative. I recently read this book and found that it teaches a new, different vision about importance of making investment.

Actually i read the reviews and saw the ratings of this book so i ordered it now this is a great book to read but it seems like there is not much in this book i mean there is, but not sufficient the author is continuosly rolling around one topic in different ways but over this i would rather prefer entreprenaur’s diary by Mirza yawar baig this book is not worth its price

Kapa wrote: "Just started reading this book and was wondering if the author was trying to cater mostly to the general public instead of giving hard hitting facts and achieving economic security like the book pr..."

Obviously yes it explains that we need to spend money on what returns to us and the liabilities that we spend are some how waste and need to be stopped for future planning ones...

definitely a good book. It can be re read actually. It helps you look at alternatives versus just working 9 to 5. 9 to 5 is fine but if you want more he demonstrates how to get it!

I believe it's more of a mindset guide and then you would need to go out and study the path to success through other authors. It's important to be aware of the gurus that promise to offer lessons to teach you the path but then increasingly charge you more money. The information is out there for free if you are willing to find it. There are lots of real estate investment books for example. I would love a good book about how to complete the tax forms mentioned in the book but I also wouldn't mind doing the research on my own.

Pretty good. Especially for those who doesn't have a degree in finances.

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This is a decent personal financial book, if you are total have no concept, this book will be a good starter. You have to keep expanding you research on with more complexity and depth, to name a few "The Intelligent Investor Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence, A Random Walk Down Wall Street I Will Teach You To Be Richetc", but dont bother about the other rich series. if you have time just browse though, you will know why it just dont click.

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Depending on what your current position is, what are your beliefs overall in life, do you like capitalism and so on.

Book is overall talking about how to start building wealth if you already have good job with income to spare. If you're someone who's currently not making enough, tips from this book will not be helpful to you - because you need help on how to make enough to afford decent living and have enough cash on the side to invest - and this book will not offer you that. If you are someone who can't afford now to invest in stocks and real estate it's still good to read this book and get familiar with it.

This book is not the definite guide on how to build wealth - but it does offer some good insights on where to start. I do also know that Robert god sued for his financial advice's provided to people, and this bring us to a cross road of this book - how can somebody teach us about money who lost his client's money. Overall things shared in this book are common sense if you're already familiar how businesses works etc.

This can be explained that everybody makes mistakes when it comes investing. If you want to learn about stock investing and real-estate investing than this book will not help. It will only help you to accept capitalism and focus on how you can learn more, save more and focus on "making money work for you".

I have write review and summary of this book on my blog, feel free to read more:

Try to read Millionaire Next Door, I found maybe a bit better that Robert's book, but principles are the same:

Yes , this book will change your life. It will give the necessary tools to become successful . Also check out the his radio show , you will love it !!!

I liked this book - it definitely changed my approach to earning and spending money. Like some people already mentioned, it does not provide you with clear instructions for becoming rich, because it is impossible - the world changes all the time and each person has his/her own way to prosperity (or poverty).

Personally, I really liked the book. It is very motivational and explanatory as to why you SHOULD invest and different entrepreneurial ways to make money. However, if you read the book and get Robert Kiyosakis message of selling a product you will note the marketing he uses in the book so beware.

Its a pretty good book for beginners and people who are concern about money. you have to read couple of times to get the juice of the book. I would recommend people to give it a shot...

This book is more about what to think rather than what to do. In summarise - it is a simple comparison between the outlook of a common middle-class saving/splurging mentality vs. the (economically) upper-class investment mentality.

What Aveen said...

Also, it provides you with a framework to make sensible financial decisions, rather than saying "invest here, here and here".

The book tries to encourage an attitude of being sensible with money rather than spendthrift; i.e. do you really need that shiny new phone, or would that money be better saved towards a mortgage or a training course that will help you earn more.

TBH, I could do with reading it again :-o

It was great reading this book and is truly revolutionary in destroying my middle class thinking. It provided great insights into brain of a successful investor and nice story about his two dads

I have read this book some 10 years back. It is still one of my favorite self-help books. It is to be kept in mind that the book is not a blueprint or step by step to great rich. Rather it contains financial principles that make people rich and financially independent. Please complete the book and I'm sure you will be able to turn the last page with a smile.

Bryan Moore Agreed!
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I would recommend reading the millionaire next door and the millionaire mind if you want a book to help you achieve financial security.

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This is a relevant question, it is important to know the value of this book in terms of financial knowledge. This book is not a textbook on INVESTING STRATEGIES, it is a guide for the MINDSET. This book will give you the PSYCHOLOGY needed to succeed in the financial world, but NOT the SKILLS.


If you read it twice you start to see the big picture more clearly.

That book was an eye opener for me this year. It hit the nail where deserved and taught me a thing or two about finance. After finishing it i felt the urge to get out of my comfort zone and dang am doing alright. Best business book ever

Kapa wrote: "Just started reading this book and was wondering if the author was trying to cater mostly to the general public instead of giving hard hitting facts and achieving economic security like the book pr..."
This is great for starters like you (though I know you already done reading this book). For someone who seek financial advise this book is a good start. The author did it easy to read & understand for everyone.

For someone who has always thought that money management will just come to me as I grow old, this book has given me a direction and something to actually work on.

Yes, it is! These are the lessons on money and investment that differentiates the rich from the average people. It is definitely a must read.

Yes, this book is really good and is worth reading. The author proved things he told by giving examples from what happened in his life. if you can understand what he is trying to tell and apply it in your life you will definitely get to know a lot more about money and how to get rich. Thank you.

It changes your thinking and how you look at things but it wont teach you anything that you can apply in your own life.

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