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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Book about American gypsy family traveling in RV, father runs a scam construction business, female main character [s]

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Jordan (jordanthebookworm) | 2 comments Hello, looking for a young adult fiction book about an American gypsy family who drove around the USA. The main character is definitely a female, teens or early 20s. She has two parents, one brother and she is possibly "promised" to a guy named Patrick. Patrick was definitely a character in the book. Her father and brother run a construction business, but they don't actually fix things for people, they just kind of fake it and once in a while it catches up with them so they have to leave. Can't remember anything about the mother or much about the plot. I think the cover of the book was either a highway or some type of camper/RV.

It's not "American Gypsy Girl," but it's similar. I know I read it in middle school, so it was published before 2012 (I read a lot of books into high school, so I'm giving extra years here). Possibly read in between 2005 to 2012. No idea what the title is or who the author is. Have tried all the searches, turns up nothing. PLEASE HELP.

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Jordan (jordanthebookworm) | 2 comments Omigod I think that's the book! Thank you so much!! I was literally driving myself mad last night looking for it! THANK YOU!!!!

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