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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young adult book from the 90s, a girl has powers and is sent away, she meets a good guy and a dark guy. [s]

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Sabrina Davis | 2 comments Hi. So when I was a teenager I read a book for young adults. It is science fiction and romance. It is about a school or some kind of place where students with special powers are sent. As soon as the girl arrives she is knocked to the floor and when she opens her eyes there is a blond guy asking if she is ok, he is the "good guy" of the story. He has the power to heal, and he heals the girl in the spot.

I think she shares room with a girl who has the power of ice, and she's not nice. There is also a nice girl who has the power to talk to animals, I think.

Then there is another main character who is tall and dark, and he is like the bad guy at first because he's not friendly and moody, but in the end the main girl character ends up with him, instead of the nice guy.

In the book they train their powers and I think at some point they go to a building to steal something??

Anyway, if anyone has any idea what book this is please tell me because I can't even remember the author. Thank you!!

message 3: by Sabrina Davis (new)

Sabrina Davis | 2 comments That must be it! The title or author don't sound familiar but it sounds like the same book from the description. Thank you!!

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