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What is the most longest book have you ever read?

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message 1: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 2 comments Either The Stand or It or possibly one of the Game of Thrones ones.

message 2: by Jody (new)

Jody Mind is definitely The Lord of the Rings 1216 pages.

Olivia "So many books--so little time."" | 1 comments Probably London by Edward Rutherford

message 4: by Linda (new)

Linda Wells | 10 comments The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt was a challenge for me at 775 pages.

message 5: by Kade (new)

Kade Cook (kade_cook) | 4 comments I do believe that the longest book I have read to date is Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare 668 :)

message 6: by Craig (new)

Craig | 79 comments the stand unabridged edition over 2000 pages

message 7: by mwana (new)

mwana  (mwanamali) | 0 comments Anna Karenina 800+ pages

message 8: by Chris (new)

Chris Snider | 37 comments That would be the paperback version of Northern lights by Nora Roberts at 700 plus pages. Although I'm currently reading False memory by Dean Koontz and it might break the record by a few pages.

message 9: by Derek (last edited Nov 25, 2016 04:21AM) (new)

Derek McPhail (derekstephenmcphail) | 2 comments I read "The Urantia Book", which is about 2097 pages. actually, I think the unabridged version of Stephen King's "The Stand" is about 1168 pages.

message 10: by Jane (last edited Dec 01, 2016 09:40AM) (new)

Jane Jago The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay. The Fionavar Tapestry (The Fionavar Tapestry #1-3) by Guy Gavriel Kay

message 11: by Kitty-Lydia (new)

Kitty-Lydia Dye | 2 comments Phantom by Susan Kay Phantom by Susan Kay and the final Harry Potter book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7) by J.K. Rowling . Both of them had me absolutely hooked and I was reading them well into the night :)

message 12: by Fanny (new)

Fanny Mills | 8 comments The Count of Monte Cristo is a great long book that doesn't feel like a long read. It moved at a great pace. War & Peace and Clarissa were also long books, but they were slower reads.

message 13: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Huxtable | 4 comments Would have to be War and Peace......I'm still struggling through it

message 14: by Luna (new)

Luna ly | 1 comments It by Stephen King

message 15: by Jay (new)

Jay  The Crippled God (lostseraph) | 1 comments Malazan book of the fallen; the longest book was 1300-ish
but the entire series in a single volume d book is 7300-ish

message 16: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lkkirk75) The Lord of the Rings bind up! Looking back I'm surprised I made it thru!

message 17: by Scott (new)

Scott Moses | 3 comments The leather bound More Than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide. Well, that is 3 books + 1 short story all one. For a single book, it would have to be Tom Robbins Skinny Legs and All.

message 18: by Marijan (new)

Marijan Šiško (dorcavorbarra) | 2 comments Churchill's memoirs, I believe. six tomes, almost 1000 pages each

message 19: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Sagan (elizabeth_sagan) The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. Damn, that was huge. And I haven't even finished the series.

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