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Explicit scenes - yay or nay?
Greta Delaland Greta Oct 16, 2016 09:09PM
Hey all,

I've been long anticipating this next book in the series, and reccomended it to all of the kids in my library... only to realise that book five contains scenes unappropriate for younger audiences.
On the other hand, I really enjoyed the rest of the book, and still can't wait for the next one!
Wondering what you guys thought about this latest edition and if you would still reccomend this series to friends/family?
I just didn't see it coming... pun intended.

I've got no problem with explicit sex scenes unless they are really bad, which these ones were. Orgasms disrupting nature? Really? Aelin and Rowan have sex and cause a fire/lightning storm? I mean, couldn't they just try using toys or role play or something instead?
I think EoS could have done without the sex scenes because they were just that ridiculous.

If I was one of those characters I take a vow of celibacy.

"Sorry darling. You're beautiful and I'd love to sleep with you but the last time I had sex I caused a tsunami that wiped out several fishing villages so lets just cuddle instead."

Wow I feel exactly the opposite of most... I LOVED the explicit scenes. Was not expecting them at all. I was pleasantly surprised to be reading them, especially in the Throne of Glass series. They were well detailed and exciting. They add an extra level of depth to Sarah J Maas’ already incredible writing.

No. Just no. I had to skip over most of them to stop from gagging. Plus, haven't we already read almost these exact same scenes in A Court of Mist and Fury? I'll definitely stop recommending this series to younger ones!

Yay all the way. Two adults who are in love are going to have sex. It's going to happen eventually. If they didn't, it's just not realistic. As for young adults thinking it's too mature, that's BS because in high school I lived for books with sex scenes. Most young adults are sexually active anyways so it's not like sex is anything new. Books are art and art is subjective. If you don't like or agree with sex scenes then skip over it but don't speak badly of an authors art just because you don't agree with it.

It is odd to me that graphic sex scenes are frowned upon but everyone is fine with the graphic violence, prostitution, and rape implications.

Nay. I personally dislike explicit scenes, even well-written ones that don't feature cataclysmic results regarding nature.

Regardless of opinion, I think it was a thoughtless move to suddenly turn the series into fae erotica in the fifth installment. Include sex scenes if you must, but at least be consistent in how explicit the content is.

I didn't enjoy the book at all. The rest of it was bloated romantic subplots, because the plot "twist" at the end required the author to not write any actual plot at all.

My only issue was her sudden shift in how she dealt with sex scenes. With Aelin and Chaol we all knew it was happening but it wasn't descriptive and any times after that was heavily implied but again, not detailed.
Then came the shift in QoS. Three books in I assumed that the second book set the stage for how she would deal with sex, but oh how I was wrong.

Point blank I blame it on the ACoTR series. She started exploring that writing style in that series and honestly it should have stayed there.

Coming from the a young-adult reader, I was horrified when I came across this certain chapter. True, there was Aelin and Chaol, but it was mostly implied. Why was there no warning about the graphic content in this book? I don't want to read about that stuff. It's sad to see such a talented writer turn to a crude and unfiltered style. Very disappointing

Nay. I can't do erotica/smut. It grosses me out. I much prefer fade-to-black or detail-until-things-beyond kissing. I really wasn't expecting this book to have this stuff, and it was very out of the blue for me. I skipped over most of it.

I don't personally like reading smut. It feels a little creepy to me, so I skipped over some things in those sections. One of my biggest complaints about this series is how much romance in general there is. It seems like the author went out of her way to pair everyone imaginable up - as quickly as possible, no matter what their backstories. Not every character has to be having sex or falling in love! I would prefer if we got more friendship and family bonding. Dorian and Chaol's friendship was one of my favorite parts of the first two books, and I really missed that in this one.

Yay. Just saying, I was in seventh grade when I read it, and I absolutely loved those scenes. If u think that kids my age don’t jerk off and watch porn and stuff your dead wrong. I loved those scenes, especially Dorian and the witch (it’s been a while so I forget her name)

Yay! I like it, I do agree with other reviewers that there should be some warning for younger readers (maybe at the beginning of the book?) the other books in the series don’t have any explicit scenes and it’s marketed as YA so I do think this book should have a disclaimer.

Yay I just totally ship these two!

I've read worse sex scenes in my day, and I've been waiting for Aelin and Rowan get to it since the book 3. So yay. It could have been better, I admit, it was a bit grand, but hey, they are Fae now so of course everything is bigger, even the orgasms.

The author should make two versions of books with very violent and very intimat. scenes. The first version can just hint at them instead of actually doing them.

I like sex scenes but when SjM has a tendency to write sex scenes when people are dying I really feel uncomfortable, especially when she mentions the people dying during the sex. I feel like if your book is ya and you didn't have sex scenes before then it feels little inconsistent in terms of tone to start having them five books in. I think it was one of the only sex scenes I've skipped because I was that uncomfortable.

yay. It was bound to happen eventually

That is a hard pass for me. I bought this book when it first came out and still haven't finished it. It is a young adult series, but the sexuality in this book was waaaay over the top. I am over 21, but love the creativity from YA authors. Plus, I work with teens so if I find a good series I will recommend it to the librarian of the school. This series started out amazing and it feels like SJM is trying too hard in this book. It was so out of character for her writing style compared to the previous books. It was unexpected but not in a good way. More of a gross, too much way.

I also don't like the really explicit scenes, I have no problem with sex in books but I'd rather read about their emotions during sex, some authors make it seem like poetry. I thought the Crown of Midnight sex scenes were just about right. You can tell what Chaol and Celeana were doing rather than being told what they were doing. I'd rather let my imagination go.

But no I'm not fan of explicit sex scenes, it just feels intrusive to me, also I'm not the big fan of erotica. I like a tiny bit of smut but too much and your just like 'Okay, I get it'


Yay obviously! I ship Aelin and Rowan and really believe that sex scenes is needed in some books sometimes. 😁

I don't like them when they're inconsistent like SJM

And when thier badly written like SJM

Velvet wrapped steel?

It changed the entire series from one that I could recommend to students and keep in a school library into one I couldn't. It also puts me and other librarians in a bad place with students and parents. This is a series that I recommended highly to students in middle school and in number 5 the detailed graphic scenes were way beyond something a teacher can encourage a student to read without getting in trouble for it.
Yes, the characters matured and started to feel sexual, but scenes can be done without falling into soft core porn.
It was WAY over the top and I will never order another Sarah Maas book for the school library. I won't trust her again.

Greta Delaland Which is just a shame because the first four were great for my highschool aged library kids and Sarah is such a big name in YA!!
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Zinka can i just ask, how is it ok to read about her killing and torturing but not making love? im confused
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I loved that scene and i don't see the problem, explicit scenes in books are used to showed thoughts and feelings ,not just the act. Almost every book have atleast one these days. And to be fair, we are exposed to those kind of things everywhere, in commercial, films, magazine etc. In books it is atleast with a deeper meaning. I liked the scene and i like that their feelings are so intervine with their magic that it trigger the fire , a yay from me. And just to be clear, it is a book about a assasin who kills and torture people, and we see that in 1. and 2. book, so that is ok for younger readers, but makin love is not? eh


Damn I am soooo late to this discussion LOL but whatever, this is my thoughts anyway. I'm not against sex scenes or how explicit it maybe. It actually add some spice and thrill for me. However, I believe that TOG books are a different kind of books. From the very beginning to the last its all about adventure and powers and killings and surviving etc. in simple words its action packed. It was never really centered to heavily romance plot so sex scenes are quite ahmmm... a bit off BUT not unwelcome. And besides there's not much of sex scenes anyway. And that beach scene between Rowan and Aelin it wasn't even THAT explicit. It was written beautifully that its not even uncomfortable to read. And also I think its a YA Fantasy so I understand, a little warning would be nice for young and sensitive readers. Unlike ACOTAR that I think is considered as NA fantasy already (?) and is also more of centered to romance and healing plot that after reading the sex scenes you'll feel like you were scandalized on how detailed it was written and how wild it was that you think you have to cleanse your mind and soul after LMFAO. I mean, fyi, I don't hate it. T'was fun actually. As I said, it adds some spice and thrill to the characters.

I was okay with it, but I just didn't want it to be so... long. Like, I get it, you know? Maybe get on with saving the world already?

Y'all are overreacting... the scenes are great.

Nay, I would have enjoyed this book more without the explicit sex scenes.

I thought the scenes were absolutely fenomenal, mainly because I'm a hardcore Rowaelin shipper. I love them so much together that seeing them connect in a more intimate way just gave me all the feels :)

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Yay, this book series started in 2012, and with a one year gap between books, that's a long time, and i believe that sjm is just growing and maturing the series with her audience.

i don't mind them

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