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I forgot the main character's name,but his best friend's name is(I think) Jacob.I read it in year 2013.It's for ages 10-12.I think the author is a female. The main character is from another world,and Jacob is from our world. Somehow,they met and the main character stayed with Jacob's family.He was clueless about all the technology in our world.He trained somewhere in his world either because he had some power.I don't know if this training is after or before Jacob and main character met.The main character met another boy at the training place who was at first not very friendly towards him but later on they became friends.The main character is more powerful than any other people,and I think somewhere towards the end the teachers at the training place called him Lord of Truth.Those teachers were not very nice.
They forced the boys to go to the training place,not because the boys chose to.In the end,the main character became something like a leader,and the teachers carried out the commands he gave.

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SparksofEmber | 943 comments So does most of the book take place in our world or at this training school? Does he cross back & forth a lot or does he stay here once he comes? Is it a school or some other kind of training?
Do you remember anything about the cover?

Maybe try these lists:

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Erica C | 6 comments Is this it? The Truth Sayer:

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Thank you so much Erica!!

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