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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Dystopian with princess disguised as warrior at training camp. [s]

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Emily (emalderwood) | 42 comments Looking for a book I read maybe four years ago in hardcover or paperback. It was a fairly newly published book when I read it. It was a YA post-apocalyptic theme if I remember correctly. I think the cover had a close-up silhouette of a girl and I seem to remember pinks and purples.

The book was about a girl whose mother (the queen) had been killed when they were having a picnic in the garden, The antagonist had slipped some sort of sharp metallic thing into one of the apples? Years later, the castle is attacked and I remember that the protagonist hid in a closet or something as the rooms were searched. I think she may have had a sister, but not positive on that.

I also remember that the princess/ protagonist fled the castle and disguised herself, posing as a new recruit at a training center for her enemy's forces. She infiltrates the enemy base in this way. I remember something during her training involving meteorites or some sort of fire raining from the sky while she was out in the forest, and something about it gave away her identity to one of the other trainees? I think it was a guy who was maybe a little older than her, and he then joins her side (or turns her in I really don't know, she was discovered by her enemy at one point I think). They were also hunting at one point, this may have been the scenario where the fire raining from the sky came in to the picture.

I literally just remembered reading this, but it's going to bother me xD

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Emily (emalderwood) | 42 comments I found it! The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze.

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Kris | 33331 comments Mod
Thanks for the update, Emily.

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