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                                                     As It Flows Challenge

Duration: One Month

• Read whatever books you want.
• After you read each book, add one sentence including the book title to the story.
• Every book you read during the month must be used.
• Only one sentence may be used per book title.
• Write the story as the month progresses to see where it takes you.

• Beginner - Open beginning and ending. 2 Helps.
• Intermediate - Specific beginning, open ending. 1 Help.
• Advanced - Specific beginning, specific ending. No Helps.
• Endless - Specific beginning, specific ending. No Helps. 25+ books
For Endless, continue after one month until reaching 25+ books.

Helps: (cost one Help each)
• Swap two books and re-write the sentences after the first of the two books
• Re-write your story
• Remove a book you have read
• Add a filler sentence with no book title.

Specific Beginnings: (choose one for Intermediate and Advanced levels)
Note: Pronouns may be changed to the correct gender.
• It was a dark and stormy night, pitch black except for a glow that came from a small white kitten.
• Sometimes the best things in life really are free.
• His night started out alright, but it quickly deteriorated after finding anchovies on his pizza.
• Antelopes were one of the most favorite foods of lions, that is, before they decided to fight back.
• Sword in hand, Gregoff rushed into battle.

Specific Endings: (choose one for Advanced level)
Note: Pronouns may be changed to the correct gender.
• It all seemed to work out, and that as they say, is that.
• Missions like this never seem to work out well and this one was certainly evidence of that.
• As he ran out into the woods, he saw a faint glimmering light in front of him and followed it.
• She ached for something more or at least for some aspirin.
• Following the tragic events of the day, all he wanted to do was go home and fall asleep.

Example: 5 Books Read - Beginner Level
1) The Hunger Games
2) A Modern Witch
3) Yes Please
4) The Silver Sea
5) And Then There Were None

It was the 50th year of The Hunger Games . I,A Modern Witch
of the times, and my friend Heidi were enjoying the festivities.

A caramel apple seller calls out and we yell back " Yes Please
" and collect our apples. Strolling along we come up and sit along The Silver Sea
and watch the boats pass.

Suddenly, there was a giant tidal wave that swept the boats away And Then There Were None.

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I'll participate in tgis challenge!!

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