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message 1: by Rick (new)

Rick (rwestbrock) | 33 comments I haven't run across this before and a search of this forum didn't turn up anything. You Morbid Westphal has a review in the Description field before the default description of the book (as seen in the Amazon listing for example). Is the a rule or policy against that? If not should the review be moved after the synopsis?

The reviewer's name is included there but I wanted to check here before trying to contact that person. The author is a GR author and this particular review also has a formal Review entry but the user who posted the review (Monster) was last active in August 2013.

message 2: by Krazykiwi (new)

Krazykiwi | 1767 comments No. Just remove it.

message 3: by Rick (new)

Rick (rwestbrock) | 33 comments Thanks, when I went to edit it the description field is read-only because "This edition is using the default description". Apparently that was only on one of the two paperback editions for some reason, the Kindle edition already has the same synopsis as the Amazon listing but the other paperback edition has a different synopsis.

For the edition in question I just removed the review portion and put detailed librarian notes (including link to the review). The section I removed actually had the ISBN, publisher and even available new/used in it.

message 4: by Krazykiwi (new)

Krazykiwi | 1767 comments To edit the default description you click "Edit this description", make your edits, and then check "Use this as the default description" under the description, will change it for all editions currently using the default.

There's no need to put a link to a review in the librarian notes or explain yourself: Promotional material, time-limited (i.e. "For a limited time" or "coming soon") and external links are not allowed in the descriptions. If you do really want to put a librarian note you can put "Reviews are not allowed in book descriptions" :)

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