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The Glittering Court (The Glittering Court, #1)
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Sydney | sydneys.books (sydneysbooks) | 27 comments Mod
I am so excited to start this!! Richelle Mead is queen and I love love love her Vampire Academy and Bloodlines books so I'm so pumped to read this new series. I even have a signed copy from when I met Richelle for the second time. I know next to nothing about this except that each book of the series is based off a different character and a different storyline but they all mix at the end, which is definitely intriguing. I'm so glad this book was voted for this book of the month and I cannot wait to start reading!!!

Sydney | sydneys.books (sydneysbooks) | 27 comments Mod
ZinniaJkhan wrote: "I just got it so...... I'm so excited!! I bought it today but I hadn't read the synopsis or anything else. I got it just for the book club and ofcourse because it is Richelle Mead! I love her Vampi..."

It also reminded me of The Lunar Chronicles from the description!

Rafaela | 4 comments Mod
I just started it and even though I'm really confused about some aspects of the book, the plot is really interesting and I really like the main character

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