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Natika | 11 comments I read a series of Spec Ops adult fiction books about a year ago and I know there were more books due to be released in the series but since I can't remember the title or author I can't finish reading the series. This is driving me nuts and not just a little bit. These are the details I can remember:

1. The series is about a group of spec ops soldiers that were deployed in a jungle environment.
2. Their mission involved either drugs, sexual slavery rescue or both.
3. They went for on mission and then they were there for 6 years.
4. During the 6 years their families were notified of their deaths but the soldiers were unaware of that.
5. The soldiers communicated by letters with their families bot knowing that their letters were being held and replied to by the group they were fighting.
6. Spoiler** One of the leaders of the illegal group was married to one of the soldiers. She was "killed" in an explosion after the soldiers returned home.
7. One of the soldiers that returned found his family, including wife and child, had disappeared without a trace. *This was going to be covered in an upcoming book in the series.*
8. One soldier returned to find that his parents had unknowingly died.
9. In the first book...a soldier returned home to find that his wife was dating and contemplating marriage to a man that he had gone to school with. The new man was someone he had gone to school with and they played football together. New man is also a doctor. The wife is a small business owner with a child by the husband.
10. In another book of the series....The new man/doctor has left the area because the husband returned. The doctor went to another country (Africa I think) in a doctor without borders deal and met a new someone. The new someone was from the country where the doctor was working. They married and then moved to where the doctor was from. A comment in the book says that the wife is not fond of colder temperatures and they will be buying a coat.
11. The child of the soldier and wife had hurt feelings regarding the doctor leaving and returning because the doctor had no contact with the child wile he was away. The child felt forgotten and neglected because the doctor had treated the child as his own until dad showed up.
12. The dad is not happy about the dr being in the child's life because he missed a lot of the child's life in the 6 years he was away. He tolerates it for the child.

I hope someone can help me find this series. I remember all of these details but can't remember author/title and I've searched other sites with no luck. Thanks in advance!!

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Lobstergirl | 40094 comments Mod
Can Running from the Devil be ruled out?

Definitely not the Mack Bolan the Executioner series? They're written by a bunch of different authors.

The Richard Mariner series?

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Natika | 11 comments I'm sorry its not any of those. I can add another detail though. The author was a woman. Funny....in my head there was like a ta-da sound after I said that. Sorry. I've been awake a couple of days so I'm a little bit stupid right now lol

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❤ Smutty Romance Reader  ❤ (renaea) | 6 comments Could it be this series? https://www.goodreads.com/series/4344... The first is called Forget Me Not Forget Me Not (SEAL Team 12, #1) by Marliss Melton

message 5: by Natika (new)

Natika | 11 comments No...not that one. I will admit to getting sidetracked and re-reading that entire series in the middle of my search. It really is a good series. I'm continuing my search.....Thanks!!

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message 7: by Natika (new)

Natika | 11 comments YES!! YES!! That's it!! Thank you!!!!

message 8: by Natika (new)

Natika | 11 comments Shelved as SOLVED! Thanks everyone!!!

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Natika | 11 comments Ok so upon reflecting and reading these book blurbs I have come to the conclusion that I am an idiot. Seriously. Detail # 8 and to the end are a completely different series. After I re-read the first series I'm going to hunt down the other one lol.

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Lobstergirl | 40094 comments Mod
Is this still Solved? Or is it now Unsolved?

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❤ Smutty Romance Reader  ❤ (renaea) | 6 comments Natika, could the book be Code of Honor by Catherine Mann?
Code of Honor (Special Operations, #1) by Catherine Mann
Synopsis from author's website: http://www.catherinemann.com/code-of-...

❤ Smutty Romance Reader  ❤ (renaea) | 6 comments If it's not this book and you find out what book you've been looking for please post because I would like to read it.

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