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message 1: by Michelle (last edited Jul 28, 2016 03:44AM) (new)

Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1177 comments Remember when you said you wanted another read-a-thon? Well, it's time! Yes, that's right - it's read-a-thon time! If you're sad to see summer come to a close, drown your sorrows in some good books. The Around the Year in 52 Books second group read-a-thon is just around the corner.

How does this work?
If you’re new to read-a-thons, don't worry! They're very simple. You make a commitment to read as much as you can for a set period of time and then you do it. There are often games, challenges, and, at times, even prizes associated with the event but, for the most part, it's about reading and camaraderie.

For our read-a-thon, we'll be committing to read as much as we can for one week. The week long format gives more members more opportunities to participate! There will be games, progress posts, discussions for participants to join in on, as well as plenty of encouragement along the way. *wink wink* Stay tuned! If you're lagging behind on your goal and looking for an excuse to play catch up, this is it!

How much do I have to read?
There isn’t a set amount you are required to read to participate. Many people choose to set personal goals for themselves but the idea is just to read as much as you can for the week and see what you end up with at the end. It’s all in good fun!

When is this happening?
Monday, August 22nd @ 12:00 AM (EST)

Sunday, August 28th @ 11:59 PM (EST)

If you don't live in EST, you can find your start time here.

Note: If you just want to start at midnight whatever your time is, it isn't a really big deal. Just note that the challenge content is posted using EST.

How do I participate?
All you have to do to join up is to read! But read-a-thons are always much more fun if you participate in the games, join the discussion, and track your progress so we strongly encourage everyone to take part in that.

Where do I participate?
Keep on eye on this folder during the Read-a-Thon for updates, progress reports, and more! They'll start being posted closer to (and after) the event starts.

We've got a few tricks up our sleeve for this next read-a-thon, but we'll be posting the same little games and challenges you've come to know. As usual, we'll be posting new games every 12 hours throughout the week in this folder but you'll have all week to join in if you missed anything. The discussions and games keep the event active and lively so, again, we strongly encourage participation. Come play along and have some fun!

message 2: by °~Amy~° (new)

°~Amy~° (amybooksit) | 3227 comments Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1177 comments So much squeeee! I'm pumped!

message 4: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2854 comments What great news, I can't wait!!

message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie | 2364 comments It still feels so far away. Haha.

message 6: by °~Amy~° (new)

°~Amy~° (amybooksit) | 3227 comments Katie wrote: "It still feels so far away. Haha."

I was thinking the same thing but then I remembered how fast June flew by and now July is already over....summer is flying by! The week before school starts always draaaaaaaaags though. This read-a-thon will help! :-)

Thegirlintheafternoon Woohoo!

message 8: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1177 comments Katie wrote: "It still feels so far away. Haha."

It really does... but we wanted to give you time to prepare for all the awesome coming your way! :D

message 9: by Brianna (new)

Brianna (bebecburt) | 546 comments Yay! I can't wait!!

message 10: by Aglaea (new)

Aglaea | 371 comments I LOVED LOVED LOVED my first read-a-thon earlier this year! This is the best news all day!!! Thank you, I'm so excited already :D

message 11: by °~Amy~° (new)

°~Amy~° (amybooksit) | 3227 comments Is it time yet?

Is it time yet?

Is it time yet?

Is it time yet?

Is it time yet?

Is it time yet? :-P

message 12: by Aglaea (new)

Aglaea | 371 comments Haha, I'm wondering the same :) Reminds me of cake cake cake ... caaakeeee ..., Hyperbole and a Half:

message 13: by °~Amy~° (new)

°~Amy~° (amybooksit) | 3227 comments Aglaea wrote: "Haha, I'm wondering the same :) Reminds me of cake cake cake ... caaakeeee ..., Hyperbole and a Half:"

Yah, but is it time yet?

And can we have cake to celebrate????

message 14: by Marina H (new)

Marina H | 1314 comments What a nice birthday present :)
Ah, well I probably won't participate the first day, since my husband usually invites me out to dinner on my birthday, which happens to be the day next read-a-thon kicks off. I know, my priorities are all wrong, but I'll just have to read faster the other days!

message 15: by Jill (new)

Jill Tool | 42 comments Can't wait, love these read-a-thons!

message 16: by Jennifer (last edited Aug 01, 2016 08:57PM) (new)

Jennifer Barstad (maidenoflight) Ugh, so unfair. I'll be on vacation during this one. Oh well, maybe next time. Hope you all have fun during that time, I know I will , :)

message 17: by Aglaea (new)

Aglaea | 371 comments Amy wrote: "And can we have cake to celebrate????"

But of course! I'm thinking somethink to go with coffee or tea. Perhaps a lemony dry cake, which will last a few days. Glazed of course.

message 18: by Marina H (new)

Marina H | 1314 comments I would love a piece of that cake!

message 19: by Michelle (last edited Aug 02, 2016 03:45AM) (new)

Michelle (girlvsbook) | 1177 comments Enjoy your vacation, Jennifer! If you get some down time for R&R you can squeeze some light reading in and you'll be with us in spirit. ;)

And don't you worry... there will be another read-a-thon towards the end of the year to give everyone another chance to catch up on their reading challenges.

I'll eat just about anything lemon! Lemon cake sounds divine.

message 20: by Sophie (last edited Aug 02, 2016 05:13AM) (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2854 comments I think I'm going to make it a series read-a-thon, I have so many of them to continue or finish!

message 21: by °~Amy~° (new)

°~Amy~° (amybooksit) | 3227 comments Now I really REALLY want lemon cake lol

message 22: by MJ (new)

MJ | 731 comments I LOVE this group! I was away from the internet for the last two months, am now behind on my reading, and am sad that this read-a-thon is so far away! Totally going to participate! Totally want lemon cake now!!

AND! I got all excited earlier today when I saw all the threads for next year's challenge! Thanks to you who do all the work to make this group possible!!

message 23: by Aglaea (new)

Aglaea | 371 comments Haha I love you too! All warm and fuzzy feels right now <3

message 24: by Francesca (last edited Aug 09, 2016 06:20AM) (new)

Francesca | 780 comments I just saw this and I'm already excited!

So glad it's a week long one, I was worrying it would be over the weekend of the 19th - 21st because if it was I wouldn't be able to participate as I'll be at V Festival. Luckily, for me, it starts on the Monday which is the day I'll get back so depending on how horrible I feel (after a weekend of drinking and sleeping in a tent, I may be a bit too fragile) I should be able to join in on the first day and hopefully every day that week. The weekend after, that it goes over, is also my last weekend before I get paid again so I'll probably be too poor to do anything else anyway which gives me a great excuse to just stay home and read!

Can't wait! :D

message 25: by Aglaea (new)

Aglaea | 371 comments Will you be reading from group midnight to midnight, or your own-time-zone midnight to midnight? I think I'll do my own time zone this time, as the group one was too silly in relation to my sleep/awake hours.

message 26: by Francesca (new)

Francesca | 780 comments My own time zone. I think I'd get way too confused if I tried to follow another time and I'd find it very difficult because as you say, it doesn't always correlate well with my sleep/awake time.

message 27: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2854 comments I'm probably going to do the group midnight to midnight, as it's from 6 am to 6 am in my time zone and it doesn't change much as I need to be sleeping from midnight to 6 am on a Sunday night because of silly work on Monday ;)

message 28: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (anastasiaharris) | 1366 comments Who has already planned their reading list? I am going to be vacationing that week on the beach, LOL, so plan to take a large amount of books to read. I need to plan now since most of them will be from the library. It is getting very close now!!

message 29: by Rachel (new)

Rachel A. (abyssallibrarian) | 2807 comments It's too bad it wasn't this week, actually. I've been so productive this week since I have a lot of library books to go through! I think they may all be done by next week though, and what I have at home (if nothing else comes in from the library) are all 500+ pages.

message 30: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (new)

Laura | 3784 comments Mod
I have quite a few that are expiring from the library soon and I also have to read one for a recommendation swap. It would be nice if I could finish up some of the library holds and actually be able to freely choose a book during that week :)

message 31: by °~Amy~° (new)

°~Amy~° (amybooksit) | 3227 comments I may, or may not have gotten overly excited about the read a thon next week and started one here for myself today. Yes, there is a spreadsheet involved. No, I actually am not proud of myself. However since midnight I:

Have Read: 62 pages
Completed: 1 book
Have Finished: Year of the Hare
Am Currently Reading: Graveyard Book (audiobook/ebook), Sixth Grave on the Edge (hardcover) and Unsettled (ebook)

Ok, I am a little proud of myself :-)

message 32: by Joann (new)

Joann Haven't taken part in one before, but think I'll try to join in this time.

message 33: by Paula (new)

Paula Reyes Wagner (paurw) | 110 comments yaai! I had so much fun last time, I'm absolutely in!

message 34: by Aglaea (new)

Aglaea | 371 comments It is 00.06 here so you know what that means!

message 35: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (anastasiaharris) | 1366 comments I am going to be on the road early tomorrow morning so here is my to read list for the week.

Waking Hours - audio book
The Lovely Bones - audio book (I am hoping to listen to this with my family on our drive. It is 8 hours each way.)
The Devlin Diary
The Dead Lands
Blood and Snow

This maybe a little ambitious since we will be camping, hiking and biking over the next week. Hopefully there will be time to sit on the beach and read.

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