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Jacob Haller | 51 comments Mod
Edited to add: The contest is over! You can hear the entries on Soundcloud, or hear our announcement of the winners on the podcast. Thanks to everyone who sent us lyrics!
Hi everyone,

Carrie and I have come up with a contest! Here's what we have in mind:

- To enter the contest, write some lyrics related to the podcast, or related to a book we've discussed on the podcast, and send them to us at podcast at with the words 'songwriting contest' in the subject, or post them here. Entries are due by Wednesday May 17.

- On an episode we're going to record the weekend of May 20, 2017, Carrie and Jake will each pick their favorite set of lyrics, and Jake will record them, and mail the winners their prizes.

- The person Carrie picks will get a paperback copy of Awoken by Serra Elinsen, and Jake's pick will get a Blu-Ray copy of 'Vampire Academy'. Both of these will be signed by Jake and Carrie!

People have asked us a few questions about this:

Q: If I write a song based on a book, do I have to have read the book?

A: Nope.

Q: Do we have to give the melody or chords for the song, or just the lyrics?

A: Just the lyrics is fine. (Though if you want to provide additional information, that's fine too.)

Q: Do the lyrics have to rhyme? Is there a length requirement?

A: No, there are plenty of great songs of different lengths, and great songs that don't rhyme!

Q: I've never written a song before, or played an instrument. That's a problem, right?

A: It doesn't have to be. One of Jake's favorite songs was written by a couple of friends, one of whom had learned a few guitar chords a week or two before, and the other of whom had no musical experience. We encourage you to give it a try, and, if the result makes you laugh, for whatever reason, then it probably will make us laugh, too! (Not that your song has to be funny.)

Here are a couple of songs that were written for this series, though your songs don't have to be anything like them:

- 'Truffle', lyrics by Carrie:

- 'Life Just Sucks', lyrics by Jake:

I think that's it. Let us know if you have any questions, and we're really excited to see what you all come up with!

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Jacob Haller | 51 comments Mod
I just released a mini-episode (less than five minutes long) in which Carrie and I talk about the contest and some of the questions people have had about it. You can find this mini-episode at .

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