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Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7033 comments These words do not belong in the name of the award. When you enter an award, please use just the name of the award.

From the manual:

List each award in this format:

* for awards with no categories: Name of Award (Year)
* for awards with categories: Name of Award for Category (Year)

Note that because the word "for" is a keyword indicating a category, you cannot directly enter an award with the word "for" in it.

So, if you were to enter:

Shortlisted for the XYZ Award (2016)

all this does is link to an award called "Shortlisted".

Instead, enter

XYZ Award (2016)

Then save the book record. Now, to get it to say Shortlisted, edit the book record, and edit the award. On the award edit page is a box where you can enter a category. Even if the award doesn't have a category, you can enter (Shortlisted) in the category box, then unclick the won just below the category box. Save, and Save. The result will look like this:

XYZ Award Nominee for (Shortlisted) 2016

Maybe not as aesthetically pleasing, but when a member clicks on that XYZ Award, others that have won the award will be on that page. The member might be interested to see who won, or what the award is about, or who the other shortlisted titles are. This is how that can happen.

Carol She's So Novel꧁꧂  | 5763 comments Thanks for this Elizabeth.

I would like to see this go in the manual. Also examples of things that definitely are not awards by GR standards.

I have removed some obvious invalid ones over the last few days, but my second worst nightmare would be if I removed a valid award.

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7033 comments I think the manual might have been written before there was that edit award screen. If they took out the part in the manual about the nominee and had people go to the edit award for nominees, I think librarians would not be so intimidated.

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) | 93 comments Useful tip, thanks

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