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message 1: by Kris (new)

Mermaid Kris (themermaidkris) | 53 comments Mod
Hi girls. I just wanted to make some random discussion bcs I read around 6-7 books this month and I read really good books or crap. And I just want to share some books with you and I would be really glad if you could do the same for me ... and others. Also I got to depression state where I do not know what to read next.

So for me, really good book is fantasy Odinsbarn but this one was not released in English.
Last time I read An Ember in the Ashes which is also fantasy and I really liked it too. These books have just little bit of romance (no sex at all) and maybe are for younger but I enjoyed them.

Time by time Tiffany Reisz (mistress of BDSM books) writes something different. Here I give you The Bourbon Thief Mysterious thriller about history of an end of bourbon brand and bourbon family! Mysterious, interesting, dark oh yeah and sex!!

Last one I liked a lot this month is Wicked by Jen. Armentrout. She is really good in writing young adult fantasy and this one is really good. Funny scenes, handsome guys, demons ...

So how about your picks?

message 2: by Malaraa (new)

Malaraa | 173 comments Mod
A lot that I've had lately were hard going. Like The Blind Assassin, wow those people were so very sad and miserable. A well done book, but between that, the poetry I'm reading where a lot of it is about the poet's wife's death, and then I'm 2 books into KJ Parker's Engineer series, I think I'm ready to be done with serious for a while now. (Although I'll probably finish the third Engineer book first.)

So in that spirit, here's some more lighthearted ones from earlier this year! Heirs of Grace (that I nominated in the next alt suggestion thread) was funny and had a cute happy romance. On-screen make-outs, off-screen sex.

The Empress Game was a nice surprise. It was just sitting there on amazon, with a kinda silly cover, and I didn't expect much from it. Turns out that it's actually a fun little story, and there is a romance, but mostly it's about ladies battling each other with a side of galactic politics. :)

A Rational Arrangement was fun also. It has a threesome, like Flesh, only in this case, every body talks to each other about it, considers everyone else's feelings, and still end up quite happy. Sometimes the story would have suspicious co-incidences that clearly only happened because she needed a way to get to the next plot point, but it was fun, just light and fluffy.

The 2 best books I've read this year, hands down:
Dreaming Death a secondary-world fantasy/murder mystery with a light touch of romance, about the connection between a blind girl and a man who dreams things as they happen.
And The Edge of Worlds, which is book 4 of the Raksura series, which starts with The Cloud Roads. If you haven't started this series yet, I can't recommend it enough. I love it so so much. It's a story of Moon seeking a place to belong to, how he finds his people, and how even after that, it's not all magically better, there's still more to life, love, and family than meets the eye. Technically Edge of Worlds is supposed to be a fresh jumping in place, but I think it works a lot better to start at the real beginning. :)

message 3: by Malaraa (new)

Malaraa | 173 comments Mod
Well.....just returned Robopocalypse to the library. Read the intro....all ok. Read the first journal entry - cringed at gore. Thought it might just be a shock to start, so I skimmed past to the second entry, and oh no, that's disgusting and mean and almost made me cry. :(

This might have a good book under it but I'm never gonna reach it. This is way way past my comfort level of blood and guts and yuck. /sigh

Thought about trying the Bourbon book you recommended, but library only has audio version which I don't focus well, maybe they'll get the ebook soon. Between the good but gloomy and the NOPE! I'm having a rough summer, book-wise. Might be time for even more re-reading of comfort books, I've been doing a lot of that this year in between new ones.

message 4: by Kris (new)

Mermaid Kris (themermaidkris) | 53 comments Mod
I know how you feel. Last few books were disastrous for me. btw if you are ereader I can send you the book ... well I hope I can :D

message 5: by Malaraa (new)

Malaraa | 173 comments Mod
Through the lending thing? We can try that, I've wanted to figure out how that works. And while not all on my read shelf are owned, if i do own one you'd like to check out we can swap!

message 6: by Malaraa (new)

Malaraa | 173 comments Mod

White Hot is up on pre-order! New Ilona for next spring! whoohoo!

message 7: by Malaraa (new)

Malaraa | 173 comments Mod
*sighs* and the epilogue for One Fell sweep posted, so I just caught up to the end! So good!

message 8: by Tahina (new)

Tahina | 35 comments Mod
me too, read it last night before going to bed - sooo amazing *sigh*

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