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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 868 comments Mod
Commonly asked questions

Can I make a supernatural?
Yes, you can. Please provide a description. Some species don't require one though. Like self explanatory ones, werewolves, vampires, psychics.

Can I make a god?
Yes. But you have to request it.

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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 868 comments Mod
Different Kinds of Characters to Request-

The High Overseer
Makes all of the plays for the Overseers and is elected by an elder council of high ranking officials during a festival in which he is to recite the seven scrictures in front of all, then define each correctly before giving a speech. His opponents are all killed after he has been crowned. He is specifically male.

The High Oracle
An exceptionally intelligent women chosen in the same manner that the High Overseer would, only instead of testing brute strength and memory, her knowledge and logic is tested, in which she is to pass numerous tests and solve varying puzzles that would deem her fit for being the Highest tier of Oracular Order.

Howler Gang Leader
-Taken by KT
Mid twenties to early thirties, a man or woman that inherited the entire Howler gang after their father died. The personality is up to you, but he/she is said to have been in contact with other gods, rather than just The Outsider. Specifically the God of Luck and Fortune, of whom he/she speaks to quite often.

Pirate Chief
The Chief that led the Pirates all into victory several years ago, sitting at the capital of Akivir, the island that he/she claimed along with only sixty other men. They call the shots when it comes to protecting the island, and fortifying defenses. Known to be a expert strategist with surprising intelligence, a trained swordsman and gunsman.

Pirate Captains
-[Spot Reserved]
-[Spot Reserved]
(will never not be available)
Each owning fleets of twelve, similar to gang leaders, they own their own ship, and attack as they please, pillaging smaller towns along the coast of Serkonos, and stealing as they wish.

Agents of the Outsider
Those who worship the Outsider and actively do his bidding in fighting against the Abbey of the Everyman's influence. They are known to kill political leaders and anyone who opposes The Outsider, slowly taking down The Abbey, hoping to one day destroy it. Each of them belong to a specific Marked One. Each equipped with their own powers that they have "borrowed" from their Marked One. For instance, Clear would by default, give his followers teleportation, but his signature power is lullaby/trance/mesmerize, singing people into non awareness.

The Abbey of the Everyman
Male specific. You cannot join the Abbey, you grow up in The Abbey, you are taken late at night in your sleep from your parents, never to see them again, usually at the age of twelve. In which you are lined up and tested, fighting against your peers until only five of you remain out of twenty, those five become the new overseers of this generation, and that is repeated for multiple towns every ten years. The Overseers enforce religious opposition.

Oracular Order
The Oracular Order is female specific. Intelligence based. Girls are taken from their homes at the age of twelve and put through mind trials. If they fail, they are taken back home. If they succeed, they are invited to join the order.

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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 868 comments Mod
The Marked Ones
-Clear (Grey uniforms, teleportation and trance songs)
-Camilla [Resigned] (Lavender uniforms, teleportation and flocking humming birds)
-Naoto (Denim blue uniforms, teleportation and mass healing)
-[Queen (lime green outfits)]
Chosen by the Outsider, these eight individuals are given powers and access to information beyond comprehension. They are chosen based on whether or not The Outsider finds them "interesting". And must be requested. They each own a piece of the Distillery Plant in the Dust District. And they each have their own following. Each of them also have their own color coded uniforms used to identify which followers belong to whom. They all have their own powers they let their followers borrow but the default is teleportation. Go to the bottom of the comment for explanations on the special powers above.
{Members of Each Marked one Group}
-Red Eyed Roxi


Marked One Abilities Explanations
Clear's Trance Song-
Clear can hypnotize people with his voice, and frankly, that's about that. His voice holds a certain quality that mesmerizes people, and in doing so, he can force them to do whatever he wishes them to do. It's also important to note that he can do this to multiple people at once. However, that limit is restricted to two when he passes it to one of his followers. Clear's faction is typically those of a reserved nature, those who tend to be self conscious and enjoy silence or the sound of music over speaking and conversation. They are hardly found by the others, even going as far as to hide away from them.
Camilla's Flocking Birds-
Usually humming birds, though can be any other kind of bird (including vultures, depending on how she's feeling). Camilla's birds can do a multitude of different things. They can carry small objects, open doors, flock and attack people. They can also navigate great stretches of areas, and Camilla can see through their eyes if she so wishes. They can find people based on blood. They can track enemies, and go through walls as well. Considering they are less actual birds, and more ghostly images of birds, fluttering about. Camilla's faction members are a lot less reserved than they look. They tend to be smaller in stature, but pack a large punch. The birds that they receive are a lot less varying in size and shape. The majority being humming birds in fact. The ones who receive her power also cannot use it to track far distances, and can only really use it to attack, or as a drone of sorts. They are usually friendly, but cautious, and very aware of their surroundings.
Naoto's Healing
Something that goes against Naoto's nature, as many of the abilities tend to do, Naoto can heal any of his allies from a long range. And while this does force him to exert some energy, his healing is magnificent and he can heal many at a time. Though never actually himself. He is one of the few marked ones that has a duel ability. A strong electric shock that renders people unconscious. The members of his faction are typically a bit hostile in nature, suspicious of outsiders and very loyal to their leader. They don't engage in the other factions, but seem to be somewhat favorable towards Madeline's faction, as Naoto is generally a bit nicer towards Madeline than he is towards others.

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Diź (dimal) Is this where i can request to make a marked one?

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 868 comments Mod
yo this group is pretty dead
i'd suggest joining this one, there's better characters to claim like gods and species of demon
not to mention it's one of my better structured groups
i created that one too, so if you're looking for a supernatural, active group, that's the one for you

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