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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fiction/Fantasy. Some romance. Girl with magic lives with wizard who raised her. The girl has to hide her powers from everyone and searches for a vampire. The book was set in an older time. [s]

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Sarah K | 6 comments Hello Everyone! I've been searching for this book for some time and the last time I remember having it was back around 2010-2011. I read it while I was in 7th grade. From what I remember, I don't think the book was very well known. It was focused on a girl with some abilities who lived with an old wizard who raised her. The wizard didn't want her using her powers around anyone (for reasons I don't remember) and he happened to be very sick at the time as well. When the wizard got a customer about complaints of his butchering? shop being broken into and the blood being cleaned up, the uncle thought it was some harmless creature and gave the man a charm to ward them off, but the girl used her magic to look into a cup of tea? to find that it was a vampire. (I think the customer came back later because the charm didn't work since it was a vampire, but no one suspects it except the girl). The rest of what I remember, she goes on a hunt to find the vampire I believe? She for sure meets a young man. At the end, the young man she met plays a song on the violin, and that was the name of the book. And the rest of what I remember is spoilers for the book, and I don't want to spoil it for anyone. However, if more details are needed, I can share.
Thank you :)

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Kris | 36489 comments Mod
Sarah, is he called a "wizard" or possibly something else like a sorcerer or magician?

What happened to the girl's parents?

Does the vampire plot occur early in the story or much later?

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Sarah K | 6 comments Hey Kris :) I do think he was called a wizard. And the girl's parents were both killed by a vampire that worked for them as a stable boy. (I think they may have been royals?) It's revealed to the girl in the end. And the vampire is found out about fairly in the beginning, but she doesn't find actual vampires until the endish half of the book

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Sarah K | 6 comments Oh my gosh, yes! That's the book! Thank you, Lisa!! :)

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Juels | 2562 comments You're welcome.

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