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The Last Canadian
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Novel about the last man on earth (virus) -spoiler in description. [s]

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M. Silver | 4 comments Posting this for my brother who read this novel in high school English class; late 90's. Its driving him crazy that he can't recall the title.
It's about a man who travels the earth searching for survivors of a virus. He believes he is the last man as everyone he comes across is already dead, some very recently so. The twist is that he is the carrier of the virus and is unknowingly spreading it and killing everyone.

Thanks in advance

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M. Silver | 4 comments Update: there are 2 parallel stories lines; that of the wandering man and a small family that fled for survival. The family has inhabited a deserted island and has survived until the end of the story the man approaches the island in a canoe and find the family dead, their camp fire still burning.

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Kris | 36031 comments Mod
Any chance your book is the same one being discussed here - https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

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Michelle Ditton | 9 comments I don't recall a deserted island in the book I read, but it may just have slipped my mind...I will of course have to read both books now to double check :) Thank you

Andy Phillips | 215 comments Some of the details you've given aren't quite right but this has a lot in common with The Last Canadian. It's really difficult to get hold of but I found a copy called 'The Last American' quite cheaply.

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M. Silver | 4 comments Thanks everyone. He believes it is "The Last Canadian and would make sense since we live in Canada that it would have been read in school. I think I'll try and read both this and earth abides as they both sound good.

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M. Silver | 4 comments Would someone mind editing this to solved as I use my iPad for goodreads and I don't think I am able to edit? Thanks

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Brittany | 323 comments Melvinwalch wrote: "Would someone mind editing this to solved as I use my iPad for goodreads and I don't think I am able to edit? Thanks"

I use an iPad as well and you can still edit. Look at the top where it says 'unsolved' there should be the word 'edit' in parentheses underneath.

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