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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA adv. fantasy. girl loses king father, has to create army by gaining allies of magical beings [s]

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Allison Vashon | 2 comments I read this book when i was 12, so 2010, its about a girl whos father is a king, and he goes in to battle and is killed, and then another kingdom hears of their weakness and plans to attack so the girl has to go to all the different lands and gain allies with magical beings there to try and create a big enough army to protect the kingdom

Gnome Claire *Wishes she was as cool as Gnome Ann* | 14 comments sounds like it could be The Cry of the Icemark (it's a constant invasion rather than a kingdom hearing of the weakness then attacking but otherwise it's the details match)

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Allison Vashon | 2 comments That's it, thanks!!

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