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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Searching title of a GCSE English book I read in '97/'98 In UK. There was a girl, a farm I think, and a slightly uncaring family.

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Michelle Ditton | 9 comments I first read this book/story in '97/'98 for GCSE English Lang/Lit in the UK, I think it was for a AQA or EdEXCEL board.

I think the girls parents may have died and she went to live with another family member.

The girls name may have been Angela/Angel something similar, or I might just have made that bit up.

I honestly don't remember much else for sure, but the book left an impression on me, just can't actually remember the Author or title.

Please please help, ALL suggestions gratefully received

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Michelle Ditton | 9 comments It was 'An Angel for May' An Angel For May

My wonderful sister has just casually commented on a post that she remembers this book .... ..... ...

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