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XI. Misc > DOES AMAZON GIVEAWAY help in promoting, or is it left up solely to the seller?

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Groovy Lee | 27 comments Hi, Everyone

As regards the Amazon Giveaway program: Does Amazon help in promoting your giveaways, or is it totally left up to you?

This question was posed to me, and I would like to know, too. It isn't covered in their FAQ section. I searched and searched but can't find any way to get in touch with the Amazon Giveaway people to ask. If anyone knows the answer, please state it here.

I appreciate your help--thank you!

Tara Woods Turner I ran a giveaway set for one day that ended in 4 hours because the copies had been claimed. I had 190 entrants. I didn't promote it atall so I imagine certain readers get enail alerts? It did nothing for sales, however. Entrants aren't even directed to your product page so I think the results are just a reflection of the fact that some people will attempt to get anything for free. The one benefit is that they are now following you so they are alerted when you publish new titles.

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Groovy Lee | 27 comments Thanks, Tara. That's really good information! I'm going to show your answer to the forum that asked.

I'm glad the giveaway went so well for you:)

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