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Neha (neha71580) | 451 comments SURPRISE!!!!

*sigh* Let's do this again. (Yes, I'm ready)

Hi! I'm Neha, You may already know from my profile name, or perhaps as a GR friend. For someone who's been almost inactive here for the past 2 years, I have an unexpected amount of "friends". Eh...

Why the quirky Journal Name? Well, if you happen to go into the archived journals, you might stumble upon my first journal named Neha's Random Journal of Wonders . I could have revived it actually, but the past is past!

What could you possibly find here? Just a normal journey of a 20 year old Indian-Canadian (*whispers* immigrant) girl adulting her way into university, part time job, trying best to go to gym and read more books and maintain social life and what not! In another words, yeah, I'm gonna rant here a lot. Some topics will be fun, some might be personal (stalkers are very welcome here, lol).

Hope you enjoy all that. You can also comment and stuff, if you have something cool to discuss, or an interesting question to ask.

Over and Out! (Gah! I missed this so much!!!)

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Neha (neha71580) | 451 comments Also, shout out to the mods for maintaining this group so well. And thanks for not deleting my old journal :)

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Neha (neha71580) | 451 comments Boring week?? (with a list of interesting stuff)

Holy schist! The week I actually wanna write, OUT OF ALL WEEKS, this week turns out to be boring?? WWHHYYYYY?

Hmm...let's see. I do have a list of interesting things to share though, so here goes:

1. It's my first summer in Canada!

2. I have visited so many amazing places so far!!

3. As for my summer reads, I finished The Hidden Oracle, currently reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, because DUH! Mindy Kaling!

4. I have just started watching Tokyo Ghoul and The Office , an extremely random combination I suppose. But since I'm reading Mindy Kaling book, it's obvious that I'm curious about the Office show, and it's pretty good so far! As for Tokyo Ghoul, it was on the list of anime I need to watch for sooo long, and I love it so far!

5. Game of slays my life. MY LIFE I SAID!

Phew! I can't believe I summarized all the stuff in my head into these small numbered points. Maybe because I'm getting better at office work :P.

Not to worry though, because there's more to come!

Over and Out!

Autumn Rising [Non, je ne regrette rien] (autumnrising) | 2099 comments NEHA. NEHA. NEHA. NEHA. *happy dance*

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Neha (neha71580) | 451 comments Autumn Rising •Hands in Our Pockets We'll March Into The Sun• wrote: "NEHA. NEHA. NEHA. NEHA. *happy dance*"

Heyyyyyy girl!!! Are you still bring Demeter?? :P

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Neha (neha71580) | 451 comments Canada Post, Gym, The Office, Book Hangover and stuff

I'll write daily I said *tsk tsk*. Whatever.

As most of my boring weeks go, this week is also going with adulty kind of boringness. I mean, I actually don't find the stuff I'm doing to be boring boring, but let's be real, who wants to hear about it? I wanna save the world man! Gimme a sword and a dystopian future and I'm set!

Ahem, anyway so I'm just getting through this "random" review of my taxes for absolutely NO REASON. I've been collecting some papers and uploading them and sending emails and stuff. Yeah, I'm totally adulting man.

Another cool thing happening is that I'm trying (emphasis on TRYING) to make my gym schedule kind of regular. I mean, I get it. I'm probably overweight and all. But my main goal is to increase my stamina rather than be in shape, because I don't think being "in shape" has any meaning other than "what boys want you to look like". Sure, looking fit and all has its perks, but what I need, what my priority is to increase my stamina and metabolism, so that after working 8 hours at the office as a summer student doesn't affect my body (especially shoulders, back and eyes. 24/7 sitters, you know what I'm talking about).

Speaking of the Office, I'm on second season of "The Office" and tbh it's wayy better than first season. Mindy Kaling explained in her book though that she doesn't prefer people saying that first season was boring. She says she likes it because its humorous but also kind of dark. I guess that's a fair point.

And speaking of Mindy Kaling, I really like her book. BUT I feel like non-fiction isn't really my genera. I mean, Mindy is cool and comedic, and I do relate to some of her stuff (her being Indian and all), I'm not really invested to know everything about her. I'm kinda missing the fantasy genre with its non-realistic situations (things that totally cannot happen in real life), and those badass characters. But hey, doesn't mean that there are no super heroes or badass people in real life :D.

Well, that's all for now. By the way, do you guys think opening a blog is a good idea? I kinda wanted to have a blog, but I feel like I have TOO many ideas, and I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I feel like not doing it till I have everything organized for myself. But then again it's been 2 years since I've been thinking about it, so I guess gotta make good use of time right? What do you think? Is my stuff even interesting (who am I kidding, lol)? Lemme know!

Over and Out!

Autumn Rising [Non, je ne regrette rien] (autumnrising) | 2099 comments You should start a blog! You're so funny and relatable; go for it!

Autumn Rising [Non, je ne regrette rien] (autumnrising) | 2099 comments You're actually a lot like Lilly Singh. XD

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Neha (neha71580) | 451 comments Oh My Gosh thanks Autumn. I really miss the Ask Demigods group, but I don't get time! Hope it's going all well :D

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Neha (neha71580) | 451 comments I'm a loner problem solver

Okay before I talk about my "topic" I just have an exciting mini-announcement. I'M PLAYING POKEMON GO!!! *squeals*

Okay shut up. Yes, I have only watched the anime when I was wee bit small, and I don't remember most of the story. And yes, I'm basically fangirling over this game because it is so freaking cool! I evolved 3 of my Pokemons, just got into Level 5 (which means I can soon join a team and train my pokemons in the gym) AND I'm feeding my cutie pie Charmander daily, AND one of the mysterious egg is incubating. So many exciting things in just one game!! 11/10 recommended.
*ahem* So anyway, this particular topic in the title has been in my mind a lot more recently. It's been always a back topic in my mind really, every time I help somebody. I don't even know how to start explaining it (another one of my weak points, I'm bad at "starting-to-explain" things).

I just want to explain one of my qualities that I haven't figured out whether it's good or bad. Thing is, I am a lonely person. I do feel lonely from time to time, in various degrees, depends on how busy or social I am. I'm sure everybody does. But sometimes I just feel disconnected. As if there is nobody that I can relate to completely. It's always that when I look at my some of my friends/family members/fictional characters, there are various degrees (from low to high) to which I can relate. But it's been always a PART of it, it's just very relative ("Relative Relatable". Wow, that's a weird term). Plus, yes, I'm a moody person. As much as I hate it, my mood is very sensitive to external environment, and I only have some degree of control, which sucks. I mean, I can change it, but not for long, you know. Which is why the loneliness comes. Less the relatibility, more the loneliness and vice versa. It's probably a bad thing, but I can't tell, since one positive spin on it would be that I will be compelled to be more social and have more friends, but then again it's harder to find relatable people (especially when you love memes, lol.)

But despite all that, I'm a great problem solver. Like, I'm brilliant at it, I'm not gonna lie. I don't care if I sound pretentious. I just love problem solving. It doesn't mean that I can solve any problem. Hey, I totally did not say that! What I mean is that I generally know the outcomes of any action, so I know what could be the possible solutions. Or at least, I'm always curious, so I'm always trying to find way to see which type of path of solution has more rate of success, you know. Moreover, I love when people ask me for help. I feel special, really. It means that that particular Person trusts me that I can provide some form of help, and that seriously requires some good social bond. So yeah, I guess it indirectly helps me to solve my loneliness problem too. Only disadvantage though would be that people might take me for granted. But hopefully I would know when to say no.

Anyway, phew that was long for sure. If you are still here (Hi!), thanks for reading all that. Really appreciate that =)

Over and Out!

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