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message 1: by Eve, Headmistress of Hogwarts (last edited Jun 16, 2016 07:46PM) (new)

Eve (arweneve) | 4592 comments Mod
Alright! Here is your template including all the information needed in your profile. You must use all the info in italics below. Post your character after they have been approved below.

This character has been approved by moderators as a metamorphmagus

*Age and Year (for example, 13- 3rd year)

*Natural Physical Description

*Favored Physical Description



*Pets (optional)


*Patronus (optional)

*Relationships (optional)

Thank you! Wait for your character to be sorted and approved, than post your character on Complete Profiles. Your character will be added to the Student Roster as soon as possible.

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Eve (arweneve) | 4592 comments Mod
Approved! Thank you!

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Eve (arweneve) | 4592 comments Mod
And Tiana has already been sorted, so there we are.

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Eve (arweneve) | 4592 comments Mod
This character has been approved by moderators as a metamorphmagus

Name: Kahlen (kaylen) Star Greengrass

Age/Year: 16/6th year

Natural Appearance: Kahlen has large, plain brown eyes, rimmed with darkC long lashes. She wears large black glasses most of the time, but also wears contacts. Her hair is long, about elbow length, and a mousy brown color. It's fairly straight, but has a bit of wave. Kahlen isn't short, but not very tall either. Her face is evenly structured with high cheekbones and a long, pixie-ish nose. Her mouth is small, and she has thin soft pink lips. Kahlen is very thin, and doesn't have much curve. She usually abandons her school robes, stuffing them in her bag. She wears sweaters (pastel colors or gray) over button up white blouses. Kahlen loves skirts, and wears them often with long socks and ballet flats or sneakers.

Favored Appearance: Kahlen usually sticks to her natural look, but sometimes tweaks little things like making her hair less mousy by adding layers and a darker color. Kahlen sometimes likes to change her eye color from brown to a pinkish lavender, just for fun. She also likes to give herself freckles, or small blemishes.

Personality: Kahlen is very quiet, and keeps mostly to herself. She isn't very popular, because she is so closely associated with none other than Julian Fortis, the outspoken Hufflepuff. Kahlen's personality contrasts spectacularly with Julian's, for she doesn't say anything aloud that could hurt someone. She thinks of exactly what to say before she says it, and this gives her the look of being somewhat slow. Quite the opposite, Kahlen is very sarcastic around her best friends, and really isn't quiet at all. Kahlen loves to read, and is a very big fan of Jane Austen. Her passion for reading has led to writing, and she sometimes sits in the courtyards, observing students and writing things she makes up about them, like their name and personality and family history. Kahlen loves food, and baking. She sometimes slips into the kitchen to watch the house elves work. She has befriended many of the teachers, especially the librarian. Madame Edmund is only a little older then Kahlen, and the pair of them while away the hours chatting noisily and laughing. Kahlen has a slight Irish accent.

History: Kahlen is native to Ireland, and attended muggle primary school with Julian Fortis. Being pure blood, Kahlen was not expected by her family to associate with Julian, due to his muggle born blood status. However, the pair became close friends in the 2nd grade, and were completely inseparable until their 4th year at Hogwarts. Forced by her father, Kahlen had to end her friendship with Julian by lying, bullying and ignoring him. It hurt her terribly, but Julian assumed she was acting of her own accord. Separated, Kahlen still has deep feelings for Fortis, but he, in return, wants nothing to do with her anymore. Kahlen despises he father for ending such a wonderful friendship, and doesn't plan on forgiving him. Kahlen spends all her holidays at school, except for summer, and she keeps herself locked in her room all summer to avoid her dad.

Pets: Kahlen has a toad that Julian got her for her 13th birthday, and she carries him with her all the time. His name is Spencer.

Patronus: sea lion

Wand: 12 inches, birch wood, dragon heart string

Mother/Emmaline Greengrass (died in childbirth)
Father/Derek Greengrass

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Eve (arweneve) | 4592 comments Mod
Oookay, so Kahlen is brand new (and a metamorphmagus, yay!) so I'm going to sort her.

KAHLEN HAS BEEN ACCEPTED INTO..........................................


message 6: by Lyra, Caretaker of Hogwarts (new)

Lyra Dargwin | 1806 comments Mod
Yaay! Same house as Ruby!! :D :D We'll have so much fn RPing with Kahlen ^^

message 7: by Eve, Headmistress of Hogwarts (new)

Eve (arweneve) | 4592 comments Mod
I'm so freaking excited!!

message 8: by Lyra, Caretaker of Hogwarts (new)

Lyra Dargwin | 1806 comments Mod
Me too!!!

message 9: by Charley (new)

Charley | 242 comments Hi guys, I wasn't sure which one of you to PM this too, so I thought I'd just post here and see what you guys thought!

Name: Nicholas (Nick) James

Age: 13 – 3rd Year

Natural physical description: Nick gains most of his natural looks from his father, though began growing his hair longer when he began Hogwarts. Nick has shoulder length, light brown hair, almost the colour of honey. His eyes are a pale grey with some small flecks of baby blue near the centre. He has a small, slim physique, and is naturally only about 5’4 at this age, with only a small amount of muscle. Nick’s complexion is fairly pale, but his skin is almost always completely clear or blemishes and spots. He has quite small, feminine features, including a small nose, thin lips, and long eyelashes. Nick has very rarely managed to resort wholly to his natural self whilst awake, though it is not unusual for him to return to this whilst he is asleep. Most of the boys in Nick’s dormitory know what he looks like naturally, as do his parents, but almost no one else does.

Preferred physical description: Nick usually changes his hair to a much darker brown, which is almost black. This is greatly contrasted to his pale skin, which he usually keeps the same, though sometimes goes for a more tanned look during the summer. Nick’s hair is always a good sign of his mood at the time, as his fringe changes colour depending on how he is feeling (i.e. red=passion, blue=calm, green=happy, orange=angry). Nick finds this particularly useful if he is in a bad mood as it warns other students not to talk to him. Nick’s height tends to vary only slightly, normally staying around 5’5, but sometimes becoming larger when needed. Due to his naturally feminine features, Nick tries to make his features more masculine by having a stronger jaw-line and a straighter nose. Sometimes, Nick will add a bit of extra muscle for when he plays quidditch, but only if he is playing properly.

History: Nick grew up quite isolated, his mother died of complications during childbirth so he has no siblings. Both his mother and father were wizards, so it was never doubted that he would be also, however he did not show signs of magic until around age 7 when watching Aladdin and making the carpet he was sitting on fly. The first signs of Nick being a metamorphagus happened around age 4, where his hair spontaneously turned bright orange in the middle of a tantrum, which his father thought was hilarious. Nick was home-schooled rather than going to a regular muggle primary school as he could not properly control his shape-shifting abilities. Nick’s father was ecstatic when his Hogwarts letter arrived on his 11th birthday, as this was where he and his wife had met, and it was a family tradition that they all went to Hogwarts.

Personality: Naturally outgoing, Nick is at the centre of his group of friends. His group of friends is rather wide and spans all the houses; however his closest friends are the other boys he shares a dormitory with. He is kind-hearted most of the time, but is also bold and can be overly honest which has landed him in some trouble. Nick follows in his father’s steps of being highly ambitious, hoping to become a prestigious member of the Ministry once he has completed his NEWTs. Nick is definitely the leader of his group, and is one of his best qualities is his honesty. Despite his ambition, Nick’s favourite subject is Divination because it is so ambiguous and he believes it shows the true selves of everyone around him. Nick has been known to exploit the weaknesses of some people to gain what he wants, though he will only do this in extreme circumstances.

Wand: Alderwood with a Dragon Heartstring core, 13”, extremely flexible

Patronus: Bear, though he has not discovered this yet

Pets: a tawny old names Iago, given to him as a present from his father. The name is a tribute to the parrot in Aladdin

Quidditch position: Keeper, but only when he is playing with friends. Nick has tried out for the team twice, but has not made the team yet. He wants to try out every year he is at Hogwarts

House: To be decided

message 10: by Eve, Headmistress of Hogwarts (new)

Eve (arweneve) | 4592 comments Mod
Nick is sorted into Gryffindor, please post on the Complete Profiles thread!
Happy RPing!

message 11: by Charley (new)

Charley | 242 comments Yay! Thank you!!!

message 12: by Eve, Headmistress of Hogwarts (new)

Eve (arweneve) | 4592 comments Mod
No problemo!

message 13: by ~Fangirl~, Keeper of Keys and Grounds (last edited Apr 08, 2020 09:26AM) (new)

~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 491 comments Mod
Hi Dr. Blake! RP stands for Role Play. People come and make characters that are then approved and sorted into houses for the rp by any of the mods. It’s a fun way to experience stories we love, such as Harry Potter, in a new way we dream of. If you have any more questions feel free to pop into the Questions thread and we can talk more!


Z ||Frypans, who knew!|| (spn_fan) | 36 comments *Name Savvanah Vos

*Age and Year 16-6th year

*Natural Physical Description maroon beanie, brown eyes, nose ring, brown hair

*Favored Physical Description her maroon beanie

*Personality TBRP'ED

*History TBRP'ED

*Pets cat

*Wand aspen wood with dragon heartstring core,12 1/2 and reasonability supple flexibility.

*Patronus brown bear

*Relationships none yet

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