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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Sci fi/futuristic romance - a slave/servant ends up being the "soulmate" of a rich man, he gives her a bracelet [s]

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E (emmny) | 16 comments Sci-fi/futuristic romance, a girl is a servant or slave, and somehow ends up being the soulmate or whatever to some guy who stays at her master's house (I vaguely remember a fireplace having something to do with it, like he sees her in the fireplace?). In one scene, he gives her a fancy jeweled bracelet and is offended when she doesn't wear it, until he sees that she has old scars from shackles on her wrists, so he attaches the bracelet to a glove for her to wear. This would have been an older book, I probably read it around 2000, but I think it was already an older book at that point, I remember the cover being worn.

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Michele | 2425 comments I was going to say Archangel as well. Pretty sure that's it -- all the elements match. Great book, as are the others set in that universe.

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E (emmny) | 16 comments That's it! I can't believe I forgot about the angel element. I've already purchased the eBook version and have read half of it.

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