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No more books?
Tallulah Johnston Tallulah Jun 14, 2016 10:54PM
Recently I have worked in my public library and they are uploading a large portion of their collection onto their e-resources and actually removing the books from the library. When I asked my supervisor about it she was saying in the years to come libraries may not contain books at all, everything will be uploaded online and the library itself would be more of a premises where people can access ebooks/audio books etc. I was just curious as to how any of you feel about the concept of physical paper books disappearing and having to use an ipad, ereader, computer etc to access them all the time.

Mae (last edited Jun 23, 2016 07:18AM ) Jun 16, 2016 02:57PM   0 votes
As terrible as this is, e-books are significantly cheaper and can more easily be shared by multiple people at a time, eliminating the need for additional copies (no one can turn in an e-book late!). With funding to libraries shrinking (at least in my area) purchasing e-books might enable libraries to provide more books to their patrons (I am not a librarian so this may be inaccurate). Then funds can be allocated for other library services like book clubs, free lectures, etc.
I'm also assuming your library had a book sale and did not just dispose of these discarded books. Libraries regularly sell books that haven't been checked out in a while in order to get the money to buy new books.
I never want to own an e-reader and I find books faster in the stacks than on an online catalogue, but e-libraries, if managed properly, might not be completely evil.
Revision: Research libraries like the Library of Congress are the one exception since they contain documents too fragile or too old to be down-loaded.

Ola (last edited Jul 27, 2016 08:41AM ) Jul 27, 2016 08:35AM   0 votes
This is very unfortunate, and not just for us book lovers but for all humanity! I simply can't imagine a world where physical books don't exist. I guess it was a good step to start making my own library at home. Probably it's going to be an antique in few years.

What about Atlases and dictionaries and picture books? What good would those be on an iPad?

I do not share your concerns in this regard. I believe E-Books are just another possibility, but there will alaways be people who like the touch of a real book and as long as there is a market for it there will also be a vendor. For libraries specially they often have a kind of old-fashioned clients (even if there are book-loving children among them) so they will not give up old-fashioned paper books. People haven´t given up to talk when writing was invented. Books have survived the invention of radio and TV. Why should it be different with the invention of e-Books?

That's awful. I hope we always have books around in the library.

That is really sad :(
I much prefer paperback books. I do have an ereader, but I dont buy all my books on it. Its good for stand-alones, but I do like collecting paperback books, like right now I'm collecting all the Wheel of Time series, and they're pretty to look at on my bookshelf ;)
Paper books are WAY more convenient for uni studies, like I had to read Mrs Dalloway and its so much easier to take notes and mark pages with little tags rather than highlighting quotes on my kobo which takes effort.
Getting rid of books is shit. I cant believe your library is doing that. You dont have to charge a paperback book, or update your card info for it, or worry about it getting smashed in your bag. Paperbacks are better :)

I think so to and I completely agree, more than anything I was shocked that the livrary was talking about it because they are supposed to see the value of a books
Supposedly books will become a thing of the past one day and I dont know how well I would handle that ahah
Plus it is great when they look pretty on your shelf!

As much as I love my kindle for the convenience, there is still something magical about holding a physical book in your hand. That new book smell maybe?

The reality is, shrinking budgets might make libraries disappear altogether. It might be better to keep an ebook library, rather than no library at all.

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