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x - completed
. - in progress

[ x ] Brendon Denysson seventeen / gay / athena
[ . ] Annissa Chauhan eighteen / bisexual / nike

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Brendon Denysson
-FC Cameron Monaghan
-17 or 18
-Probably gay
-Rough childhood. His dad was some bachelor academic who definitely wasn't ready to be saddled with a kid, and sort of left Brendon to his own devices. Needless to say, the devices he got up to were not particularly good (poor impulse control + little supervision = bad decisions)
-And then things only got worse when his dad lost his job (academia is a cut-throat world if you don't have tenure). Whenever his dad was home, they fought, and they both had too big of tempers for one house to contain. So one day, Brendon simply left. He didn't plan it, didn't think about it, just packed a bag and left his door key on the kitchen table.
-For a child of Athena, he's awful dumb. Sure, he's very smart, and when he actually sits down and tries any sort of intellectual or academic pursuit comes easy to him.
-The problem is just that he never does that. He's indescribably foolhardy and hardly thinks before he speaks or acts.
-Frequently sports a black eye, either from saying something and pissing someone off in the process, or just doing something undoubtedly dangerous
-But despite it all, he has an awful lot of good humor, and is always ready to joke, often when he shouldn't

Phoebe Fleischmann
-FC Jodelle Ferland
-Deaf in her left ear
-A little eccentric, but her heart's in the right place
-Has no real sense of 'personal space' or 'personal privacy'. Doesn't know what's considered too personal to ask people about or when to leave things alone. She's not being rude, boundaries just genuinely don't really occur to her.
-Super short and looks a little bit like an adorable pixie
-It's pretty common for her to just randomly redye her hair a different, bright shade. It happens often enough that's it's not really a noteworthy event for anyone anymore.

Augusta Yamauchi
-FC Asami Zdrenka
-Sharp kind of beauty
-Everyone kind of assumes she hates them, because, to be fair, she looks like she does. She seems to rarely smile, and almost seems perpetually bored. But she doesn't mean to come across that way. She's just a very calm person, and not particularly expressive.
-But when she does speak, people listen. Not because she can charmspeak, but just because people have learned that when she talks, she's worth taking seriously.

Kylee Robins
-FC Kristine Froseth
-Girlfriend to Gwen

Marco Bruer
-FC Jordan Fisher
-Endless ball of energy. Calm down, kid.
-You know those people who feel like they're little galaxies, pulling you along in their wake as they spin through the universe, and even though they pull you endlessly off course you love it all the same? That's him.
-It's almost impossible to bother this guy, honestly. He's so caught up in everything he has going on that you practically can't bother him, even when he honestly should be bothered

Larson Oliver
-FC A.J. Saudin
-Artemis - bear
-You don't bother him, and he won't bother you
-Chill af most of the time honestly.
-Pretty hard to read his expressions or mood. He's a closed book, even though he doesn't mean to be.

Annissa Chauhan
-FC Kelly Gale
-Nike head
-hella bi
-Looks great but could also knock you to the ground faster than you could say 'pretty face'
-Has a seemingly effortless kind of confidence about her, as though she's never had a moment of south doubt or fear in her life. She has, of course, and does more than she'd like to admit, she's just really good at hiding it
-Finds it really hard to let people behind that confidence. She always has to be okay, and never feels comfortable letting people know when she's not

-FC Tijn Elbers
-17? 18?
-Demeter ?
-Broody-McBroody Pants
-He won't ever let you know he cares about you, but he really does

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do every stupid thing that makes you feel alive ─────────────────────

────────────── · B R E N D O ND E N Y S S O N · ───────────────
─────────── seventeen · · · male · · · gay · · · child of athena ───────────

Brendon has always been viewed as troublemaker. He was always the kid that parents warned their children not to be friends with. 'Stay away from that Denysson kid,' parents would tell his classmates, 'He's a bad influence.'

But Brendon has never really been a troublemaker. He doesn't go out of his way to start trouble, or deliberately seeks it out. Instead, trouble seems to find him. He just never seems to be able to keep his mouth shut or mind his own business, and that has a tendency to lead to trouble, even if he doesn't want it.

It only makes matters worse that for a child of Athena, Brendon borders on outright stupid. Sure, when he actually puts his mind to it, academic or intellectual pursuits come easy to him. But the problem is that he never actually stops and thinks. Talented minds don't do you much good when you don't use them. He's ridiculously foolhardy and seems to be entirely incapable of thinking before he speaks or acts. He rashly does or says whatever pops into his mind first, and pays the consequence. Frequently, the consequences result in him sporting a black eye for a week.

But even despite all the problems, all the troubles, he maintains a good sense of humor, and a wry smile. Maybe that's what gets him in trouble in the first place.

· ──────────────────────────────────────────────────── ·

Marcus Denysson had not been prepared for a child. He was certainly not prepared for a child, his child, dropped at his doorstep by the woman he had been dating for months. He was too dedicated to his work to raise a child on his own.

One must at least give Brendon's father credit for trying. He tried to provide for his son as best as he could, but it never quite worked. His father's job teaching at a nearby university took up too much of his time, and Brendon was left largely to his own devices. And his own devices frequently resulted in trouble.

Things really started to break down when Brendon was thirteen and his father lost his job. His struggles to find a new job stressed them both out, and they lashed out. Whenever his dad was home, they would fight, over even the most inconsequential things. They both had tempers too big for one small apartment to contain, and eventually Brendon couldn't take it anymore. Without any real planning or consideration, he packed a bag, left his keys to the front door on the kitchen table, and walked out.

It wasn't long after that that Brendon found out about Windstorm. To him, a thirteen year old runaway with no home or future, it seemed as good an option as any, so he found his way to Wales.

───────────── low social class · · · mid-pack ranking ───────────────
cameron monaghan ───────────────────── 5'10" · red hair · brown eyes

─────────────────── do every stupid thing to try to drive the dark away

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throw me to the wolves at night ────────────────────────────────

──────────────── · A N N I S S AC H A U H A N · ───────────────
────────── eighteen · · · female · · · bisexual · · · child of nike ──────────

You would be forgiven for assuming Annissa is a daughter of Aphrodite. After all, she has it all──the beauty, the grace, the charm. But people who know her know it is no surprise that she was claimed the goddess of victory.

──────────── mid social class · · · high-pack ranking (head) ───────────
kelly gale ─────────────────────────── 5'9" · black hair · brown eyes

─────────────────────────────────────── I'll fight a good fight

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