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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA book about 4/5 girls that join a previously all boys ranger program and have to camp on a mountain that catches fire [s]

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Sarah | 10 comments Hi!
So this book I read when I was a kid, probably somewhere between 2005-2008. It probably came out in the 90s or early 2000s, if I had to guess. It was definitely a kids/young adult book, I believe the girls could drive in the book so they were probably around 16. It followed like 4 or 5 girls as they all tried out for this wilderness ranger or junior ranger program that was only for boys before. One of the girls is partially deaf (I believe deaf in one ear) and is named Cam or something along those lines. One has an older brother that is in the ranger program and is very athletic (may be Cam). I remember that she eats toast with cream cheese and jam because after reading that I really wanted to try it. One is not athletic at all and is possibly a redhead. The test to join the rangers involves them being in teams and going through an obstacle course that involves a balance beam. The 4 or 5 girls are the only ones out of all the girls to make it. As like initiation or something, they camp on the mountain for the night, with the girls on one side and the boys on the other. They hang their food up in a tree so that bears can not get to it. Somehow the mountain catches fire, and the girls run down the mountain. They find a lab or something that is on the mountain with a guy who used to work for the park (?) that is breeding rabid raccoons. I think that one of them has to punch through glass in the lab, either breaking in or out and they wrap their hand in a sweatshirt before doing so. The girls save the day.

There is definitely a sequel as well, but I do not know the plot of it.

Thank you for your help! I have tried googling this, but I can not figure out how to describe it in a way that google will answer.

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Sarah | 10 comments You are the best!

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Kym | 1058 comments You're welcome

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