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manon sauveterre ; lea seydoux fc
. aphrodite ; high class
. 18, femme, did someone say lesbian
. fierce af
. she can box
. she's a deadpan snarker and lives to spite
. she'd be athena's daughter, but nooooo, here she is, daughter of some ancient greek beauty queen
. she's already french and planned to study ancient greek and roman and latin in university, so the language thing was no bonus for her
. but her charmspeaking. a+++
. she's mean and hates afore-mentioned ancient beauty queen, but her aphrodite siblings are her siblings, so fight them and you fight her
. she has an autistic elder sister, who was the first daughter of her father, with another woman he never loved. it was a mistake, but his fault, so he stayed. but when manon was born, he'd had enough and left
. that's why she's pissed at aphrodite, who shouldn't be able to call herself the goddess of love if this bullshit still happens
. she's v cool

aquila verity abraham ; zoe kravitz fc
. athena ; low class
. 17, femme, bisexual
. space nerd
. probably a human tumblr
. owns like a thousand of those star-printed clothes
. loves cute, vintage-y jewelry
. also a human wikipedia
. aspired to attend cambridge and study astronomy, but now that her mother is "calling," camp windstorm it is
. she's rather short-tempered, but even when she's pissed, she's gentle
. she's like the moon, of which human-kind is undeserving
. she loves to invent things like telescopes, globes (there's something special about her globes), mechanical fireflies, etc
. she knows weaponry and combat in theory and can design a killer knife but can't fight
. origami expert
. [ i plan to have her go blind in a future major arc ]
. [ holy shit doesn't that mean she can't see the stars ]

huỳnh lan ; lana condor fc
. hecate ; average class
. 16, femme, heterosexual
. a fake eccentric
. she literally used an online generator for weird traits and spun a wheel to pick her outfits
. see, she was smart and her hardwork got her places, and that was great and all, but the story was too cliche for her, so she decided to give her own character a twist to make herself more "interesting"
. she didn't actually like her style or her persona in the beginning, but now she's slowly losing herself in this "fake" character
. she's very handy at pyrokinesis and hydrokinsis (including cryokinesis)
. rumour has it that her bomber jackets are bulletproof
. she means well, but she's not that good at verbalising her thoughts
. she can race a motorcycle and steal a car
. her aesthetic is punk. hardcore punk.
. her natural aesthetic is probably wine mom
. her eccentricity is fake, but those voices of the dead in her head are real
. [ slowly, she'll learn to manipulate the Mist ]

ivor basil leigh ; reece king fc
. artemis ; deer
. 18, male, asexual(??)
. mostly called basil bc ivor sounds weird
. (ง •̀_•́)ง
. likes to sass but feels bad for it, so apologises after
. doesn't stop, though
. being the "deer" of the artemis children just felt right, but he hates it
. he was the only one of his three siblings who wasn't stillborn, but he's been having lousy health ever since his "message"
. he can shape-shift into a stag and it's usually the same size and species, but it depends on his health that particular moment
. in his stag form, he can manipulate pestilence. he can in his human form, too, but not as strongly
. he also has animal telepathy "guys, nature is telling me to tell you guys to shut tf up"
. he's been at windstorm for a long, long time
. he should be a lot of people's senior (think senpai) but no?? he sucks??
. also, archery is out of style. he uses a rifle
. a pretty talented healer/doctor, but does not take his own advice
. [ traitor vibes ]

chiranjivi "jiv" narahari ; dev patel fc (tmwki)
. nike ; average class
. 18, male, gaygaygay
. he's as smart as one of athena's
. mild, but will never give up the chance to drag humanity
. the passive-aggressive #savage
. never too late to throw dank memes
. he's not as fierce as his cabin-mates, but just as intense
. he's very athletic in the passive way (e.g. high stamina, flexibility)
. talks in his sleep, the controversial blanket-hogger
. low social class
. the moment he got his "message," he faked his death so his family could get insurance, no matter how little, and ran off
. paranoid about going outside the camp bc he's supposed to be dead
. human encyclopedia of roman and greek mythology
. lucky little bastard

jonty pryce ; thomas mann fc
. demeter ; high class (but no)
. 17, male, asexual
. lethargic to the extreme
. supposed to be diligent but isn't
. "i have magic, let the crops reap themselves"
. he's one of the more powerful ones, in the sense that he has this huge well of power in him
. and the power just keeps flowing out
. wherever he goes, flowers grow (out of whatever they can)
. that's pretty and all but he's, uh, allergic to flowers
. trees, though, he loves growing trees and succulent plants
. one day there's a field and the next, boom, there's a tree
. he's great at controlling his power by the bulk (e.g. growing trees, killing fields) but for tiny things (e.g. growing a single flower/cactus) he tends to mess up and kill the thing with the sheer mass of his power
. you'd think that growing up with eight other talented siblings would make him invincible to getting knocked down but no, he's just learnt to make himself comfortable down there
. has to stay outside most of the time, mostly because people don't want plants growing all over their rooms and everything. also, he has to stay very close to open nature, because if his plants can't grow, his power will be holed up in him and he might pass out

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