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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. British YA fiction. Two sisters, one is approached by a wealthy boy who dates her for a bet, quotes John Betjeman teashop poem to her [s]

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Rachel | 1532 comments A British YA book from the 80s or 90s. Annoyingly, I'm pretty sure I've seen the book discussed in this group before but I've done every search I can think of and I can't find the thread.

The author was female and the book is about two sisters, one of them is called Tina. One sister is approached by a wealthy public school boy who asks her out, and she falls for him. Eventually it turns out he was dating her for a bet with his friends and actually considers her beneath him because she's not rich.

In one scene the boy and girl are in a teashop and he quotes the John Betjeman poem "In a Bath teashop" and asks her, "Well, am I a thumping crook?" The girl doesn't know who John Betjeman is and it plays up the differences in their education. I think she has a pregnancy scare at one point and the tone overall is very bleak. She is devastated when they break up and possibly attempts suicide.

For ages I thought the book was A Little Lower Than the Angels because the title is a line in the same poem (yes, I know it's originally a Bible quote). But I've just googled that and it's a totally different book, so now I have no idea!

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Rachel | 1532 comments ooh you're right Ayshe! Thank you! Moving to Solved.

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