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What book am I thinking about?

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Krista So, last year I read a book but I do not remember the title or the author and it is a good summer book and I thought that it was "The Castaways" but I started reading it and it is definitely not the book I was thinking of . First and foremost, it is fiction with some romance I guess you could say in it. It is in the porint of view (I think) of a girl and they are on this island where other families go and have a beach summer house there. Some of the key things that I remember are that the girl and a boy went swimming and someone might have drowned t something like that. Also, I remember a house got burned down. And the mothers of the beach houses would argue all the time because the grandmother ( or grandfather) gave them all items before he/she died. If anyone could help me figure out what this book is that would be so very helpful.

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