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message 1: by Sharlyn (new)

Sharlyn (sharlyn_lauby) | 4 comments Hi everyone. My second book is coming out this month. To promote my last book, I printed a promotional bookmark that included a QR code with a link to Amazon. I'm working on a bookmark for the new book, but questioning the QR code. Are people still using them? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sharlyn Lauby

message 2: by T.L. (new)

T.L. Clark (tlcauthor) | 44 comments I think they do, at least here in the UK.
We are becoming more instant info greedy, and QR codes take readers straight to the book without them having to search.
Personally I'd say keep it. I don't think it costs any extra.

message 3: by James (new)

James Vitarius | 29 comments Yes, I used them on my promotional bookmarks. One development which I find very appealing is the visual QR code which can take a logo and blend it with a QR code. When I am feeling bold I will show the code and encourage "Here, try it!"

message 4: by P.T. (new)

P.T. (pt-evans) | 3 comments Check your analytics. Did you get a lot of clicks on that code last time? I've tried using on my bookmarks and they didn't perform well at all.

Now I just direct them to my website where they can click on the Amazon link to purchase as well as providing me with the opportunity for email capture.

message 5: by Frances (new)

Frances Caballo (francescaballo) | 23 comments If you think that part of your target audience is millennials, they especially use QR codes. Other demographics do as well but not as often as millennials.

message 6: by Sharlyn (new)

Sharlyn (sharlyn_lauby) | 4 comments Thank you for the feedback!

message 7: by Jan (new)

Jan Notzon | 210 comments Pardon my ignorance, but what are QR codes?

message 8: by Sharlyn (new)

Sharlyn (sharlyn_lauby) | 4 comments Great question. QR codes (aka quick response codes) are bar codes that provide information through a mobile device. Here's a good explanation:

Basically, you can create a QR code with a direct link to your book page. Someone can read it using an app on their smartphone.

Hope that helps!

message 9: by Jan (new)

Jan Notzon | 210 comments Wow. Thanks so much for the link, Sharlyn (as much of it as I understand). I'm afraid I'll need a young person to explain how it works. I have so much to learn...!

message 10: by Jan (new)

Jan Notzon | 210 comments Good to know about the site as well. I'm sure I'll be using it a great deal.

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