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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA book about future time when children are robots [s]

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Skye | 6 comments For some reason, it is really hard for people to have children so they get robots as children. At a certain age, the children are taken back and their memories are wiped so they can be reused. The main character knows that she is human. She meets another child that is also human and they become friends. She gets injured really badly at one point and her leg gets ripped open. She sees that she is actually a robot and when she goes to get her leg replaced, her mom helps her to pick out a new body so that she can sort of become a teenager. She also finds out that the boy she thought was human was actually a robot too. She takes an interest in playing the cello and her fingers get worn until she gets her new body which is more resistant. It is written in diary entries and at one point the family goes on a vacation to a virtual place where they can't use technology so she has to give up what she uses to write. There is a part at the end where she is sent to get her memories wiped and I think she finds out that the scientist person is a robot too. She gets to choose whether to get her memory wiped or to go somewhere else. It ends there. Her father is also a priest at a church and he helps comfort people whose robot children were taken away. I read it earlier this year.

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Skye | 6 comments Yes that's it!! Thank you!!

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