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Blindzider | 3125 comments Mod
This thread is for all group members to give suggestions on what stories they would recommend to people that are new to the group and/or to reading graphic novels. This particular thread will be about Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

The idea is to compile a list of books on each subject/topic from the group members and have a central thread that people can use to decide where to begin.

Preferably, the suggestions should be limited to stories that are available in some type of hardcover: Absolute, Omnibus, Deluxe HC, Oversized HC, etc.

Make as many suggestions as you like, but do try to keep it to an "essential/best reads". At some point the mods will count all of the suggestions and make a summarized list.

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Blindzider | 3125 comments Mod
I generally don't care for Horror, so I don't have any suggestions for that.

The only Sci-Fi I've read is Saga (which I don't love...yet) and Black Science, and Fear Agent. The latter two I recommend.

Science Fiction:
Black Science Premiere HC The Beginners' Guide to Entropy by Rick Remender
Fear Agent Library Edition, Vol. 1 by Rick Remender Fear Agent Library Edition, Vol. 2 by Rick Remender
Absolute Planetary Book One by Warren Ellis Absolute Planetary Book Two by Warren Ellis

Honorable Mentions:
Absolute Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 by Warren Ellis Absolute Transmetropolitan Vol. 2 by Warren Ellis
Y The Last Man - The Deluxe Edition Book One by Brian K. Vaughan Y The Last Man - The Deluxe Edition Book Two by Brian K. Vaughan Y The Last Man - The Deluxe Edition Book Three by Brian K. Vaughan Y The Last Man - The Deluxe Edition Book Four by Brian K. Vaughan Y The Last Man - The Deluxe Edition Book Five by Brian K. Vaughan

I haven't read a Fantasy comic since the 80's and that was The Adventurer's. Not even sure if that is being reprinted.

I'd love to expand my library more into these genres.

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Relstuart | 2809 comments Mod
Locke and Key by Joe Hill
Beautiful Darkness by Fabian Vehlmann
Fatale by Brubaker

Science Fiction:
Black Science by Rick Remender
Fear Agent by Remender
Descender by Jeff LeMire (HC coming in the future)
Starlight by Millar (there is no HC and I'm not happy about this fact).

Birthright by Joshua Williamson (HC coming in the future)
The Gunslinger saga by Stephen King
The Colossal Conan

Alternate Future (maybe for a different post):
East of West by Hickman
Lazarus by Greg Rucka
LOW by Remender (HC coming in the future. Would also be post-apocalyptic).

I don't love any of the Horror titles I listed but they are all well written. On the other hand, all the science fiction titles (Plus Birthright and Colossal Conan) are fantastic and I've recommended them to several people.

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Blindzider | 3125 comments Mod
How did I forget Fear Agent?!

message 5: by ΕyesNEiN|v|EisΝinΕ (last edited Jun 08, 2016 09:23AM) (new)

ΕyesNEiN|v|EisΝinΕ (eisnine) | 172 comments Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror:

Black Hole - H; X'ed Out - H/F; Big Baby - H

Akira - SF; Domu - SF/H

From Hell - H/C; Neonomicon - H; Providence - H; Crossed: +100 - H; League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - SF/SH; V for Vendetta - SF; Saga of the Swamp Thing - H/F

Aama - SF; Pachyderme - F/H

The Frank Book; The Book of Jim; Weathercraft; Congress of the Animals; Fran; Frank in the Third Dimension - F

Saga - SF/F; Paper Girls - SF/H; Y: The Last Man - SF; We Stand on Guard - SF

The Complete Little Nemo in Slumberland - F

Moebius Oeuvres: Les Annees de Metal Hurlant (Arzach, The Airtight Garage, The Horny Goof, The Long Tomorrow) - SF/F; Le Monde D'Edena - F/SF; Arzak: L'Arpenteur - SF/F

Arkwright Integral - SF; Grandville, Grandville: Noel, Grandville: Le Bete Noire - SF/F

Ed the Happy Clown - H

The Wake - SF; American Vampire - H; Wytches - H

The Invisibles - SF/F/H; The Filth - SF/H; We3 - SF/H; Flex Mentallo - SF; Seaguy - SF; Joe the Barbarian - SF

Hard Boiled; The Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot; Shaolin Cowboy - SF

The Armed Garden and Other Stories - F; Incidents in the Night: Vol. 1 & 2 - F; Nocturnal Conspiracies - F

Dungeon/Donjon: Zenith, Twilight, The Early Years, Monstres, Parade - F

Crossed - H; Preacher - H; Caliban - SF; Chronicles of Wormwood - H/F

Gyo - H; Uzumaki - H; Museum of Terror: Vol. 1-3 - H

The Sandman (Absolute Vol. 1-5; Overture; Death: Vol. 1,2) - F/H

The Manhattan Projects - SF; East of West - SF/F; Red Wing - SF

Fear Agent - SF; Black Science - SF; Crawlspace - H

Patience - SF; Like A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron - H; The Death Ray - SF

Dungeon Quest - F; Scrublands - F

The Sock Monkey Treasury - F

Cinema Panopticum - H/F; The Number - H; R.I.P. - Best of 1985-2004 - H; T.O.T.T. - H/F

Berserk - F/H

Hellboy, BPRD, Abe Sapien, Lobster Johnson - H/F; Baltimore, Witchfinder - H/F

Cities of the Fantastic/Les Cites Obscures - F/SF

Planetary - SF; Transmetropolitan - SF; Gravel - H; Ignition City - SF; Anna Mercury - SF; Global Frequency - SF;

The Incal, Before the Incal, Final Incal; The Metabarons, Metabarons Genesis: Castaka, Weapons of the Metabarons; The Technopriests - SF/F

The Eternaut - SF

The Complete Tekkon Kinkreet - SF

The Walking Dead; Outcast - H

By This Shall You Know Him - F/SF; Safari Honeymoon - SF/F

Ant Colony - F/H; Very Casual - F/H; A Body Beneath - F/H; Dressing - F/H; Big Kids - F/H

Fables: Dlx Ed.; Jack of Fables; Cinderella - F

The Goddamned - F/H

Spaceman - SF

The Ticking - F/H; Marbles in my Underpants - F/H

Suckle - F; Crumple - SF; Dan & Larry - F/H

The EC Library/EC Archives: Weird Science - SF; Weird Fantasy - SF; Tales from the Crypt - H; Vault of Horror - H; Haunt of Fear - H

Creepy Archives; Eerie Archives - H/SF/F

Locke & Key - H/F

Rachel Rising - H; Echo - SF

The Complete Bone - F; Rose - F; The Complete Rasl - SF

Vampyre I & II - H; Panorama Island - H/F; Ultra-Gash Inferno - H

Beautiful Darkness - F/H

Judge Dredd & 2000AD - SF: Leviathan; Scarlet Traces; Zombo; Judge Dread by Brian Bolland; Mega-City Masters: Vol. 1-3; DR & Quinch; Halo Jones; Shimura; Missionary Man; Nikolai Dante, etc. - SF/F/H

Pinocchio (Winshluss) - F

The Colossal Conan - F

Creeping Death from Neptune: The Basil Wolverton Archives Vol. 1 - SF/F

The Drifting Classroom - SF/H; Cat-Eyed Boy: VIZ-Big Vol. 1 & 2 - H/F

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Frank | 170 comments Saga
Y The Last Man
Annihilation Conquest
infinity Gauntlet

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