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Book Of the Month Voting > July 2016 -- implacable aliens coming to wipe out humanity

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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary Catelli | 2315 comments Mod
Nominate one (1) work about implacable aliens coming to wipe out humanity for our June read. In print is considered a nice touch

message 2: by Spike (new)

Spike Souders | 5 comments One of Sarah's favorites, I have to nominate "The Puppet Masters" by RAH, not her son.

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 135 comments I'll nominate Terms of Enlistment

Terms of Enlistment by Marko Kloos

This is the first book in one of my 3 favorite military science fiction series. I can't recommend this one too highly....really.

message 4: by Clyde (new)

Clyde (wishamc) | 315 comments Starship Troopers

message 5: by Keith (new)

Keith Comeford | 24 comments Footfall by Niven and Pournelle. Lets hear it for Archangel!

message 6: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Greason | 56 comments War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells

message 7: by Bearcat (new)

Bearcat | 16 comments Gust Front by John Ringo; because nothing says implacable aliens coming to wipe out humanity like a horde of Posleen.

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