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The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2)
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Series > Do we like the second book of the series?

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Rebecca Hawkins-Lee (beccainabook) | 102 comments Mod
I love love love love love this installment in the series, but what did the rest of you think?

Elisabetta (sirwatshon) | 26 comments LOVED it! Ahhh finally we get to know more of Ronan, since we saw very little of who he really is in the first book. But I did miss Blue's pov in the last part :( And omg everyone stop hurting Adam!! He needs to be loved, I want him to know he can and deserves to be loved D: I think all the characters are pretty amazing, they are the real strenght of the series, I think of them with such endearment as if they were really friends of mine.....*goes in a corner and cries because I really think of them as friends of mine*

Jennifer (genoveffa) | 48 comments I enjoyed this book better than the first but still didn't capture my attention. It's been a while since I read it though. This one is the book, though, that made me decide to stick it out for the rest of the series. Still not a fan, but read it all the way through which is better than most series I don't fall in love with from the start. For those, hard to get through the first book and definitely don't take on any of the other books. Falling Kingdoms is doing that for me. Start it. Put it down. Feel like I should like it so start again. Ugh.

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The first time I read this I LOVED it ! This time round though, I am finding it extremely lacking :-( This book would have got 2 or even 1 star for me if it wasn't for Ronan ! He was definitely the best thing about this book (and I will admit that I also liked Kavinsky). Everything else had so many troubles that I just couldn't look over and I'm so sad, this was one of my favourite series ... I REALLY dislike Blue and the Grey Man especially !!! (view spoiler)

Ashley Marie This is my favorite book of the series!

Tara (taraleannstan) Second favorite book in the series, after Blue Lily, Lily Blue, but I have yet to finish The Raven King so we'll see how it goes! I do really really love getting to see things from Ronan's POV, though, and I've started to prefer his and Adam's over Blue's.

Rebecca Hawkins-Lee (beccainabook) | 102 comments Mod
Blue's point of view is my favorite one to read

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