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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Please help!!! I forgot the title and authors!! HELP HELP HELP!!!! [s]

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Phoua Lor | 9 comments Okay so....I may be mixing two books together but I think I'll be separating this correctly.
Book 1- This boy has this recurring dream and he always sees this girl (he later finds out is his sister) in a meadow. There's a black figure too, it's this man who if I remember correctly is Marduke? He has this memorable quality about his face... Anyways, please help!!!

Book 2- This kid is raised from the blue guy, he ends up with this group of people who can travel to different periods of time. He ends up going back to the past to save his blue friend. There are like seven rulers of the good group, the Main person used to be a man but in order to rule without being biased, he is now neither man or woman. This superior man has PENETRATING BLUE EYES. I remember that part clearly.

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HeavyReader | 450 comments You might have better luck finding your book if you put some details about the plot, characters, etc. into the title of your post. Some folks don't read every single post, but look through the titles and only read further if the title makes them think they might be able to help. A generic title might not get you any attention.

Good luck finding your book!

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Michele | 2357 comments Was this adult, YA, or middle grade? Is the time traveling group official, like part of the government, or are they just a random bunch of people? When you say "blue guy" do you mean his skin was actually blue? Did the seven rulers also have colors? Also, when did you read this -- 1970s, 1980s, 1990s? At the time, do you recall if it was a new book or an old one?

Phoua Lor | 9 comments Found it through another post I made. Thanks anyways!!

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Michele | 2357 comments Phoua wrote: "Found it through another post I made. Thanks anyways!!"

Congratulations! But please tell us what it was, in case anyone else stumbles across this thread and is curious. Plus, other people might want to read it!

Phoua Lor | 9 comments Okay, will do

Phoua Lor | 9 comments The Named

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Michele | 2357 comments The Named for the click.

Phoua Lor | 9 comments I don't know how to do that

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Michele | 2357 comments Phoua wrote: "I don't know how to do that"

If you mean you don't know how to add a link to a book, it's easy. Right above the box where you type your comment are the words "add book/author". Click that, and you'll get a pop-up search box. Search for the title/author, then in the list of results click on "Add" next to the book you want to add to your comment.

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