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eBooks GROW ON TREES (ebooksgrowontrees) | 78 comments FREE eBooks for May!

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David Ciccarelli (scifi_writer) What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than a free download of a sci-fi ebook. Mesh: Horizons is free today through Tuesday. Please take a look. Thanks.



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Nicole Delacroix (nicoledelacroix) | 1 comments Glimpse of Darkness (Chronicles of the Cursed, #1) by Nicole Delacroix

Will be having a free promotion from May 7th until May 11th!

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Mike Reuther | 127 comments Always dreamed of writing a book?
Learn how with this FREE book.
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Lilian (lilianjgardner) | 3 comments Many thanks Mike.
I can't wait to delve into your book.

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Stephen Douglass | 10 comments ALL THREE VOLUMES FREE: MAY 7-12
“Utterly convincing from explosive beginning to the satisfying climax.”

#romance #crime #trilogy #muskoka #canada







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Sara Roethle (saracroethle) | 1 comments Permanently free on Kindle!
Xoe: or Vampires, and Werewolves, and Demons, Oh My!


Alexondra Meyers, known to her friends as Xoe, had a normal life. She liked her normal life, but there's a new guy in the small town of Shelby, OR, and he is anything but normal. Before Xoe can say, "Werewolf," her world is turned upside-down. Between a dark secret in Xoe's past, a best friend who's been scratched, and not to mention highschool, Xoe has a lot of thinking to do. She has to choose who she can trust, and fast . . . tomorrow's the full moon.

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Mike Reuther | 127 comments Write the Darn Book by Mike Reuther
FREE today.
If you've always wanted to write a book but didn't know how to get started, this book can help you begin that journey to become an author. Written by longtime journalist and writer Mike Reuther, a guy who's taken that long, strange trip.

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Mary Waibel | 9 comments Quest of the Hart (A Princess of Valendria Novel) by Mary Waibel

QUEST OF THE HART is free now until midnight 5/11/14. Type the code MOTHERSDAYFREE in your Muse cart, save, then finalize your order.


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Martha O'Sullivan (marthaosullivan) | 9 comments Last Chance by Martha O’Sullivan is $2.99 in May!

  Last Chance (Chances trilogy #3) by Martha O’Sullivan

Moira Brody knows Paul Webster better than he knows himself. But neither one of them know that he as in love with her as she is with him. These lifelong friends will have to look at each other with fresh eyes and brave hearts. And even the single-digit temperatures and snowcapped peaks of the Lake Tahoe winter are no match for their long-bridled desire.

       The black ice cast an eerie sheen on the road ahead and the glare of the oncoming high beams had Paul squinting as if at the summer sun. The weather was coming in fast and he wondered if Moira had gotten home safely.
      Or at all.
      Or alone.
      He should’ve gotten her roses. 
      But he didn’t.
      Because she’s...Moira. Effortlessly beautiful, remarkably grounded, perpetually good-natured Moira. 
      And tonight she was something else.
      Irresistibly sexy. 
      In tight-fitting jeans and a scooped-neck top he’d never seen before. 
      With her freshly washed, begging to be touched spiral curls skimming her shoulders.
      And eye makeup.   
      With red lipstick.
      She smelled pretty good too. Like spring rain and lilac laced with desire. 
      All for the guy begging for roses at the flower shop. For someone he’d been “interested in” for a while. For whom he had a last minute arrangement thrown together. 
      From his cuttings.
      For his girl.
      Paul huffed out a harried breath.
      Is that what she was? 
      Apparently not. 
      But he sure as hell wanted her to be. 
      He slammed on the brakes and the Beemer swerved, then leveled, sliding into the precarious U-turn.  
      It took Paul twice as long as usual to get back into town with the slick roads. And by then the temperature had dipped enough to turn the spitting rain into pellets of steel. A frigid, damp sleet akin to the block of ice that had staked a claim in the pit of his stomach.
      Turning the high-curbed corner, he heaved a halfhearted sigh of relief when he saw no car in the driveway and a hodgepodge of lights burning inside. 
      She was home. 
      Unless they came in one car, he prepared himself through gritted teeth. 
      Paul knew the garage code, but didn’t want to scare her, so he opted for the conventional route. He could see her profile through the slates of the plantation shutters as he made his way up the flagstone path to the front porch. She was in the kitchen fussing with something, still dressed up like she hadn’t been home long. 
      Alone, it would seem.
      His throat muscles contracted as his mind began to race. Had her date seen her home or had they parted ways at the office? Gone somewhere for a drink after dinner? Made another date? He looked on as Moira stepped back from the beaded board kitchen island, arms drawn across her chest, and appraised her work. The midnight blue jeans sat just below her hips, hugging every one of her curves from hip to ankle and Paul found himself disturbingly covetous. The sheer shirt rested at her waistline and when she bent over, the dimples at the small of her back implored him to wonder what came next. And her breasts looked bigger somehow, like they’d grown overnight. The mere thought of it made his heart skip a beat and his cock begin to grow ridged.   
      Seemingly pleased with her work, she reached for the dish towel flung over her shoulder and dried her hands.
      That’s when she saw him out of the corner of her eye.
    She did a double-take, then mingled with his soulful gaze momentarily. He thought the corners of her mouth curved slightly upward, but the distance between them was too great to be sure. She shook off whatever she was thinking and walked toward the front door. He visualized her on the other side, squeezing her eyes shut and taking a few deep breaths before opening it. She greeted him with a wobbly, “Hey.”  
      She looked captivating in the amber light. Her eyes were languid and clung to his as if unwittingly attached. Her lips were naked now and Paul told himself it was from eating. The tendrils around her face had doubled, like some vagabond strands had fallen from the clip at the crown of her head. Also from natural causes, he forced himself to assume. “Hey,” he returned. “Can I come in?” 
      “Of course,” she invited blandly, ushering him in.     
      Stepping inside, Paul rapid-fired, “I’m glad you’re home. I wanted to—”
      “Where else would I be at eleven o’clock at night?” she cut him off.
      “I don’t know.” His mind was suddenly a mare’s nest and his palms were beginning to sweat. “I wasn’t sure what your plans were for the rest of the evening.”
      “I’ve been home for almost an hour,” she informed him crisply. 
      “Alone?” His eyes scanned the house beckoningly. 
      “Yes,” Moira patronized. “It was just dinner, Paul.”
      On Valentine’s Day, he silently added. “About that, I came by to apologize.” He wondered if she sensed the audible relief in his voice. “I shouldn’t have assumed we’d see each other tonight. And I certainly shouldn’t have assumed you’d be,” he bit off the word, “available.” He looked away then, into the cottage-style kitchen, and saw what she’d been working on.
      His flowers. 
      She must have acquired clairvoyant powers in those few seconds, because her tone softened and she said, “I had to bring them home. They were too beautiful to waste.”
      Like her.
      No, like them.
      With four wide steps he advanced into the antique white kitchen he’d designed. “Where are the roses?”
      She followed him. “At the office.”  
      “They’re not too beautiful to waste?” he quickened in a thick voice, turning to face her. 
      “No, they are.” Her breath hitched. “They’re just not from you.”      
      Her emerald saucers were filling behind their licorice lashes and she was biting her bottom lip, trying to hold back the tears. Paul couldn’t have stopped himself from going to her if he’d wanted to.              
    “Moira, what are we doing?” he entreated, gripping her forearms. “What have I done? Have I lost you?”      
      She shook her head from side to side and her eyes began to empty, leaving sooty tire-like tracks on her china doll face. Tipping his head back in silent thanks, Paul took her in his arms. She moved into his body, sobbing through sawed-off breaths.
      “Tell me nothing happened. Tell me there’s nothing between you and him,” he prayed out loud after an affecting moment.       
      She answered by burrowing her head deeper into his shoulder and wreathing his middle. He felt her breathing level off and he kissed the top of her coal-black mane. She smelled like a subtle version of earlier, infused with wine and garlic. Hope replaced the uneasiness in his stomach and he heard himself say, “I had to force myself not to go back there. I’ve been driving around for hours, going crazy.”
      She angled out of his grasp just enough to make eye contact. Suddenly she was the girl he used to know again, not the woman tying his insides into knots. Or maybe the perfect combination of both. Her eyes began to shine and a satisfied smile curved her lips. “You have?” 
      “Yeah. Like outside my mind crazy.” He laid his lips on hers and tasted the salt from her tears. She melted into the kiss, then the next. He wondered if she could sense him growing behind the zipper. Or the spool of want unwinding into a thousand frazzled threads in his gut. Gasping for air, he released her mouth and cupped her face. “You make me crazy, Moira Brody.  Absolutely crazy.”
      Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes began to swell again. She swallowed hard and allowed, “Then I like you crazy.”
      Resting his forehead on hers, he let the night roll down his back like a recalcitrant tumbleweed. Then he closed his eyes and appealed, “Do I need to fight for you, Moira?”
      She laughed a little. “Well, Jason did bring flowers, dinner, wine.”
      “I brought flowers, dinner, wine,” Paul defended high-mindedly, straightening. “Did you ever get the Chinese food?”
      “Yeah, it’s in there.” She nodded over his shoulder at the sub-zero they’d picked out together.
      “It’s your favorite. Cashew chicken.”
      “Thank God,” she gushed, dabbing the outer corners of her eyes. “I’m starving.”
      Paul’s nose wrinkled. “Did Bernini’s have a bad night?”
      “Not from what I picked at.”
      “Poor guy,” he gloated through a chuckle. “Went to all that trouble for nothing.”
      “I wouldn’t say for nothing,” Moira demurred, her eyes dancing with innuendo. “He seemed to enjoy the evening.”
      “Oh?” inquired Paul, stepping out of her embrace.
      Gleaming now, she raised her eyebrows mischievously. “Yeah.”
      He felt his expression plummet. “Did he kiss you good night?”
      “He did,” preened Moira. 
      Paul couldn’t believe how much that bothered him. “Did you want him to?”
      Her face instantly sobered. “No,” she avowed, then finished with hushed care. “I wanted you to come back.” 
      “I did.” As if he’d had any choice in the matter. Paul drew her to him again and ran his hands up and down her willowy back. “I had to.”
      “That was all I could think about during dinner,” she lamented into the crook of his shoulder. “That I could’ve spent Valentine’s Day with you.”
      “Don’t let it happen again.” He leaned back and dried her tearstained cheeks with his thumbs. “I know I won’t,” he warned gallantly. 
      “I didn’t want it to happen to begin with.”
      “Good to hear.” He kissed her nose with the puissance of a snowflake. “Think he’ll call you?” 
      She shrugged matter-of-factly. “Yeah.”
      “What will you say?” 
      “What should I say?” Her voice was hopeful.
      “No.” He reached into his jacket pocket. “And thank you.”     
     Her eyes narrowed in confusion as she took the red velvet box from his open hands. “What is this?”
     He gestured toward the white satin bow-topped lid with a tip of the head. “Open it and find out.” 
      Moira obliged as Paul looked on eagerly. A tiny gasp escaped her throat when she saw the studs inside.
      “I know they’re on the small side, but you’re not one for flash.”
      She glided her fingertips over each diamond. “They’re beautiful.”
      “Megan thought they were perfect.” Just like you, he almost said. 
      Her astonished gaze shifted upward. “Megan?”      
      “She’s not sick. She found another sitter for tonight.” He paused to let the benevolent betrayal sink in. “So we could spend Valentine’s Day together.”
      “Oh, Paul! I’m so sorry!” she effused. “I had no idea.”
      Neither did he. Until just now. And the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. “You can make it up to me tomorrow night,” he told her extemporaneously. “We’re going on a date. It’ll be our first one.”

Martha O’Sullivan’s Chances trilogy is available from Red Sage Publishing. Second Chance, the trilogy opener, is a reunion/love triangle romance that keeps the shores of Lake Tahoe blazing hot long after the sultry summer sun has set. Chance Encounter, the trilogy's second installment, heats up San Francisco’s chilly days and blustery nights with white-hot passion and pulse-pounding suspense. And in Last Chance, the conclusion of the trilogy, lifelong friends-turned-lovers melt the snow-packed Sierras into lust-fueled puddles despite the single-digit temperatures of the Lake Tahoe winter.

Last Chance and the Chances trilogy is available at:






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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 14 comments FREE Today Sat 10/5/14

*Warning Unchained Melody contains Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N Roll*

From girl, to woman, to goddess....

January 1991

The new girl in town takes a chance, saves a life, and wins herself two best friends, a Red Sox hat and possibly, a band.

October 1998

Ryan and Hunter don't know how to handle themselves when their so called 'Tomboy' best friend begins to blossom into a goddess. So they handle it badly and suddenly, the Red Sox hat is on the ground and Callie had vanished naked into the eye of Cyclone Addison leaving them short for their first big gig and broken-hearted.

June 2004

Hunter and Ryan have finally recovered from the trauma of Callie's disappearance and are ready to take their music careers to the big-time when Callie returns. No longer the girl next door, but a banished goddess with a mission; to break the heart of one of the men who still love her, using the other, or die.

Set to an incredible playlist with heart-stopping twists and turns, Unchained Melody is a coming of age story that starts with innocence and ends in wicked desire, with a paranormal twist unlike no other that will have you singing, laughing, crying and hot under the collar!

Unchained Melody by S.K. Munt http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JA0ZO5C

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Adriano Bulla (adriano_bulla) | 10 comments Tales for the Free Mind and Open Heart by Adriano Bulla
Tales for the Free Mind and Open Heart


Is available free on Smashwords (but it costs on Amazon, though I'm trying to get it free there too).

It is a collection of three stories that were previously published in several magazines (there's a list in the acknowledgement a).

They are very dense short stories, dealing with sexuality and religion.

They are all based on either minor characters or episodes of The Road to London.

Each story also has it's own literary style.

Three stories, three insights into different worlds, into the minds and hearts of those some of us find 'different'.

Three perspectives on sexuality and religion for those who do not wish to conform, but wish to explore and embrace.

Three tales of love in three different ways: the love of knowledge, the love that, at least here, dare not speak its name, the love that knows no numbers and no boundaries.

Three glimpses at what's wrong, and what could be right: a cry against the misuse of religion, distorted by society and bigotry into discrimination, instead of being free to be what, well, the author thinks, it should really mean: the path towards acceptance and unconditional love.

Each story is based on Bulla's novel The Road to London, but looks at the hearts and minds of minor characters, at key episodes from a different perspective, or at what could have happened in a different dimension or world.

The Tree of Knowledge is an esoteric stream of consciousness: a Latin Teacher's thoughts as he identifies with the serpent tempting Eve in Eden during a lesson and finds in one of his students the reflection of Jesus, while he remembers a gay night of passion: he will regale the student (who is the Boy, the protagonist of The Road to London with an epiphany that will change his life.

The Housekeeper's Innocence is based on an episode which happens in The Road to London: the Priest's Housekeeper burns during mass and turns into a strange cockroach like animal in front of the congregation. In the short story, we find the past of this woman. On leaving Mass one day, after a Latin reading on Mary Magdalene, which she could not understand, when still a young woman, she is raped by a river by a man in a dark coat. She then decides to become a nun, but the day before taking the orders, another nun visits her and shows her in The Bible she can find the truth about her sexuality, and has sex with the nun. She then becomes the Housekeeper to a Priest, but when the man in the cloak appears among the congregation, she burns the church to the ground.

Stained Glass slips freely between prose and poetry and it is the celebration of the polygamous wedding of four men. each walks towards the altar thinking about the moment when he came to meet the other three.

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S.K. Munt (wordwhisperer) | 14 comments Free Kindle today only Saturday 17th! Na/ya Medieval Paranormal Romance! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I32JVI4

Urchin S.K Munt Urchin by S.K. Munt

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Christy Bower (christy_bower) | 27 comments The Legend of Dragon Hollow (Dragon Hollow, #1) by Christy Bower
Through May 31, get a free PDF copy of The Legend of Dragon Hollow when you sign up for my email list at

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K.M. McFarland (karenmmcfarland) | 3 comments Under a Bourbon Street Moon by K.M. McFarland Download "Under a Bourbon Street Moon" FREE from Thursday, May 22 through Sunday, May 25 https://www.smashwords.com/books/view...

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Mike Reuther | 127 comments Return to Dead City. FREE today. Take me out to the ball game to solve a murder.

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T.D. Raufson (tdraufson) | 2 comments Legacy of Dragons Emergence by T.D. Raufson
Melissa has inherited her grandmother's manor and with it the secret to why dragons disappeared. Don't miss this chance to find out what her family has been hiding for 1500 years.

Legacy of Dragons: Emergence -- Free May 27th - 29th


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Harrison Nguyen (HarrisonNguyen84) | 2 comments Psionic powers, secret conspiracies, and homicidal enemies... they're all in Perilous Overtures. Though $2.99, it is FREE from May 24 to May 28. Even better is that it is currently ranked #67 in the Top One Hundred Free Best Sellers in Science Fiction on Amazon at the time of this post! Link: http://amzn.com/B00DD71BG4

Perilous Overtures by Harrison Nguyen

Ignorance is bliss for twenty-year old Sarith Kurita has few concerns in life now that final exams have ended. He’s more worried about his final grades plus his plans for next semester over the existence of psychic powers and those that wield them. And with the winter holidays starting, staying with his deadbeat dad is a bigger issue than knowing about a homicidal maniac baying for his blood. Contrary-wise, Cassandra Ashford – nineteen and being groomed as an heiress by her father – juggles attention between her agenda for the winter holidays and keeping up to date on the paranormal secrets that few know about. In doing so, she is becoming more engaged in a world that is beyond her years with enemies and opportunists being everywhere.

But when a combination of events, both accidental and intentional, draws them into perilous situations, it becomes more than their own lives being on the line. Freshly plunged into a world beyond belief and forced to adapt, Sarith finds himself facing a dangerous enemy from his late mother's past where an unresolved grievance can mete out fatal consequences. Simultaneously, while handling responsibilities within her father’s company, Cassandra investigates seemingly benign issues, unaware of their links to sinister machinations currently underway. And then a condemned prisoner, Axel Lamperouge, gains his freedom only to encounter a foe he long thought was dead while finding himself tangled in a dangerous setting where unpleasant truths lie in the dark.

With every action taken in dealing with the dangers they face, unprecedented consequences that follow could mean more than shaping future events for them in ways beyond their expectations.

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Chris Philbrook | 9 comments My promo book is currently..

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #511 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

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Tim Baer | 1 comments My latest short single is out and for free! Try my fantasy story, Things that Go Bump in the Night.


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Ryan Parmenter (ryancparmenter) | 1 comments My dark, satirical novel, "Hyperbole," is a free eBook download from Amazon, today until Friday, May 30.


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