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The Fall of the Governor: Part Two (The Walking Dead: Novels, #4)
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Elizabeth | 497 comments Mod
This is a placeholder until the moderator jumps in.

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments Elizabeth wrote: "This is a placeholder until the moderator jumps in."

I'm excited to be the moderator, but I'm not sure now to use the placeholder. I just got the book so tonight I will figure out chapter/discussions.

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments I would like to have everyone help wrote what they remember up until The Governor Part 2. And if they have any guesses as to what's coming, questions? Throw it out there!

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments I looked through the book and decided that
Part 1 battlefield will be discussed on the 5/10
Part 2 Doomsday Clock will be discussed on 5/20
Part 3 The Fall on 5/30

I also want to post a recap of what happened up until this point.
Hope you all enjoy! Any help would be appreciated since I am new at this!

Sara | 94 comments I still have to read the Fall of the Gov Part 1; I just picked up both Parts 1 and 2 this evening.

My review/comments about the previous installments:

#1 - Rise of the Governor: As book #1 of "The Governor Trilogy", this installment takes us from the early days of the outbreak, where we are introduced to The Governor and his rag-tag group of survivors, all the way up to the "birth" of The Governor's persona in Woodbury (aka hell's waiting room). Of course there's a whole lot of trauma that occurs during the journey from A to B, stacking on the psychopathology of the character we love to hate. A quick read with plenty of zombie vs. human and human vs. human action. I enjoyed the plot twist that occurs near the end of the book.

#2 - The Road to Woodbury: This particular foray into the universe of TWD left something to be desired. The zombie action was adequate; however, it was difficult to care about a cast of characters that felt a bit flat (and a lot stereotyped...angel vs. whore, lovable giant, drunk). I honestly had trouble giving a shit about most of the characters but was interested enough to see what happens next to put books #3 and #4 on my TBR list.

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments Thanks Sara for joining in :)

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Thia (thial) | 130 comments Sara wrote: "The Road to Woodbury: This particular foray into the universe of TWD left something to be desired. "

Agreed. While anything from The Walking Dead is miles better than most of the schlock I've gone through in the genre, this one left me a little meh too.

In a thread like this is the etiquette to avoid spoilers from previous novels in this series or to assume if you are in this thread you have read them or are ok with spoilers? I've read all of these but I'm not sure how specific to get...

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Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments I didn't know the etiquette I apologize, I just though general summaries would help the reader know what was going on since this Part Two.

How about this?
the Road to Woodbury #1
The Walking Dead The Road to Woodbury by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman
The Rise of the Govenor #2

The Walking Dead The Fall of the Governor Part One by Robert Kirkman

The Fall of the Governor Part One #3

The Walking Dead Just Another Day at the Office by Robert Kirkman
Just Another Day at the Office #.5 (I haven't read the short stories yet)

Now we have all the titles and summaries with no spoilers :)

And The Book We Are Reading....The Fall Of The Govenor Part 2 #4
The Walking Dead The Fall of the Governor Part Two by Robert Kirkman

And if you have lots of time The comic books are fun, No 1 is free

The comics are what started The Walking Dead, then came The AMC series The Walking Dead which I loved! And lastly the books, which are the same story but without having to read almost 100+ comic books.

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments I'm new at this :)

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Thia (thial) | 130 comments I'm with you Meghan. It's going to be hard not to discuss the others because it's basically one long story. I just wanted to ask before I start blabbering ;)

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments No problem. I hope that I can get some folders going about the books so we don't spoil it for everyone, but for now say whatever you want. I started reading it today, and I forgot what happened to the Gov!! I can't believe he's still alive. Did anyone read it yet?

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Thia (thial) | 130 comments I'm re listening to the third book first but yeah, he got really messed up. So much more satisfying than in the TV show :)

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments I went back and re-read the books, I started part two but I am skimming part one. I realized Rise of the Governor comes before The Road to Woodbury oops. Their is a gap between the rise of the Governor and the fall of the Governor, because Rise ends with the gov starting and the Fall is already returning after Woodbury. I think in the one you are reading now is when Rick finally shows up. And yes because I hate the Governor and also see his compassion but I don't understand his mentality. He was a good guy at heart until Woodbury.

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments Sara wrote: "I still have to read the Fall of the Gov Part 1; I just picked up both Parts 1 and 2 this evening.

My review/comments about the previous installments:

#1 - Rise of the Governor: As book #1 of "T..."

You are missing out on the action! The end of the Fall Part 1 Resumes in Part 2 and it's a cliffhanger for sure! Anyways Thia and I are going through Part 1 right now, so you can join right in :) we might have a two month discussion lol

Nicole | 66 comments Let me know when we can discuss the ending because I have a real problem a little omission that was made! And that is the only thing I didn't absolutely LOVE about the entire series!!

message 16: by Sara (last edited May 07, 2014 08:18PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sara | 94 comments I'm up to chapter 7 in "The Fall of the Governor, Part 1". Pretty good read so far - decent zombie action and Lilly is a bit less annoying than in the last installment. I'm not sure how I feel about Austin...his "aw shucks"-type demeanor is a little grating, especially when played against the now-hardcore Lilly's piss and vinegar. The authors certainly tend away from subtleties when developing their characters :)

Dr. Stevens and Alice just told Christina that, status-post helicopter crash, she has 3rd degree burns over 20% of her body plus 2 fractures in her visibly mangled arm. They then go on to state that with a little IV dextrose (and no surgery), she should be all healed up and ready to get the hell out of Dodge in a week. Umm, right. I'm pretty sure Doc Stevens and Alice are officially on the recreational opiate use train.

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments I hit Doomsday Clock. Dr. Stevens is know for being a little loopy, he goes in his office to drink a lot! And they also know what the Governor does with new people so they don't waste much medicine, I'm sure they just dope them up and prep them for the Gov.

We tentatively are scheduled to discuss after 5/20 - 5/30. Basing where everyone is at.
Thanks everyone! I wanted to make folders since we are all at different places but I guess we will see ;)

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Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments Also when thinking about Lilly, remember the Govs transformation.. I believe they are connected. The parallels in relationships are always strong vs weak. I hate to see Austin like a darn puppy dog too, but he is only in his early twenties and she calls him pretty boy.

message 19: by Sara (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sara | 94 comments I just finished "The Fall of the Governor, Part 1" and, I gotta say, was pretty underwhelmed :( It seems like most of the action is regurgitated from the comic series without really presenting any unique viewpoint. The only original content is the Lilly/Austin storyline which basically just annoyed me. I hope Part 2 is a bit more exciting.

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments Yep..it is :)

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments Hey Guys? Is anyone still reading? Doe's anyone have anything they would like to share about Doomsday Clock?

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Sara | 94 comments Sorry for disappearing....I had surgery and was in hospital for awhile. Pain meds drastically reduced my reading productivity, but I think I'm finally out of the opiate haze :)

I finished this book but remain underwhelmed. Basically, it just feels like a rehash of the graphic novels; does anyone else feel this way? I also have to admit that I liked what TWD television writers did with the character of Lilly - a much more compelling and authentic-feeling incarnation.

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Thia (thial) | 130 comments Yeah I crapped out on the discussion this month but I have finished the books -sorry I got busy. I hated Lilly. Don't get me wrong, anything from TWD universe is miles better than most of the junk out there, but Lilly drove me nuts. The first book in this series I loved!!!! But as it progressed the more Lilly the less me likey. She was sort of whiny and crapped on everyone. Worst of all was that her decisions didn't make sense. I was not sold at all on the transition from "the governor must die" to an "all hail the governor" acolyte. Huh?

message 24: by Sara (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sara | 94 comments I was't a fan of Lilly either. Her character was not only annoying but also inconsistently developed. For example, I feel like we heard more about her affinity for thrift store clothing than her actual pre-ZA life. In my opinion, her sudden devotion to governor (along with her fairly random first trimester miscarriage) were just cheap ploys to make the end of the story all the more "shocking". Unfortunately, IMHO, it fell flat, instead just making Lilly seem silly and unbelievable as a character.

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Thia (thial) | 130 comments I agree Sara on all. If her "style" and thrift store etc had been brought up one more time I would have screamed. Who CARES about style during the Z apocalypse? So vapid!

Mkittysamom (mkittysabkworm) | 54 comments I think Lilly had Stockholm syndrome, but I wasn't really a fan of her either. I was disappointed with this book. Plus I was kinda pissed they couldn't even name Rick's group. I had to guess who died. I wasn't really shocked either. I don't think Pretty Boy needed to die, with all that happened to Lilly...when is she gonna become the next Governor. While I did agree with some things he did, he just took it way too far when killing people for no reason. Why did he have to die anyways, that's a mercy kill rather than letting him suffer.

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