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Order to read?
Caitlin Caitlin May 03, 2014 10:04AM
I was just wondering, with The Prince and The Guard being like a prequel to the story of The Selection, I was wondering if I should read them before reading The One? I've read The Selection and The Elite. The One is coming out soon and I realize once I read that, the story will be over. So, will I want to even read The Prince and The Guard afterwards?
What order did you read the series in?
Did you read it in a certain order and wish you read it in another order?

I've already read the selection and the elite and I'm nearly done reading the one, so this is the order I'm currently reading them in in. I didn't want any spoilers or hints about what is going to happen so that's why I'm going to read The Guard and The Prince after I finish The One.
The Selection
The Elite
The One
The Guard
The Prince

Should The Queen & The Favorite be read after The One but before The Heir & The Crown?

Okay thank you! I'm reading the boys stories now and will then read The One. I wish I read them before The Elite, but at least I'll have their stories before the end. Reading it after The One will probably be too late. Thanks everybody for your advice!

I read it :

The Selection
The Elite
The Prince and the Guard
The One

And I liked that I read it that way seeing as I could both understand both Aspen's and Maxon's side of things even better when I read The One. But I don't think you have to read it in any kind of order.

I am looking to start a new series. And want to start The Selection but I am so confused in what order to read them. I want to understand the books and I don't want to have any spoiler before if they overlap which order would you suggest? Any help is great!!b Thank you!!

Cassie 'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood I would do it The Selection, The Elite, The Prince\ The Guard(( Seeing as if you get the book both of them come in it.)) and then The One.
Dec 19, 2015 06:18PM

Isha has it right!

I read the main series first.
-The Selection
-The Elite
-The One

And then I read the prequel books
-The Selection Stories: The Prince and The Guard
-Happily Ever After

They just give insight on other characters during the time that the Selection is taking place. They're not necessary to read in order to understand The One, but they are interesting.

Note: Happily Ever After does have a few stories that take place after The One, so I would definitely read that one after you finish the series.

I read the Selection, then the Prince and then The Elite. I have not read the Guard, but I do not want to either because I am team Maxon.

Mary Boles sameeee
Jul 01, 2017 11:04PM

i read the selection and then the prince and then the elite and then the guard - kind of just in the order that they were released. i think that it's probably best that way since there are things that happen in the guard that happen in The Elite and you wouldn't really know what's going on if you didn't read The Elite first.

I read The Guard and The Prince last and it was good, They contain some of the same conversations and a couple spoilers in each. I think I would recommend reading them after. If I remember right, they didn't contain any actual spoilers about The One, but hinted at some things.

Kristen (last edited Jun 06, 2014 06:29PM ) Jun 06, 2014 06:29PM   -1 votes
They are numbered on GR, so you know the chronological order.
0.5 ~ The Prince
1 ~ The Selection
2 ~ The Elite
2.5 ~ The Guard
3 ~ The One

It's probably fine to read them in that order, but personally I'm glad I waited to read The Prince until after The Selection since it contains spoilers for the Selection because it overlaps.

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