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The Witches of Eileanan (The Witches of Eileanan, #1)
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✩Tiffany✩ (tiff_eni) | 4 comments I posted this in yahoo answers and a person directed me to this group. I'll just copy and paste what I wrote on yahoo.

The book is centred around a fantasy world. It has mostly follows twin sisters who were separated from birth. One was raised as a witch (living in the woods, her hair is long etc) and some elders who were taking care of her tells her prophecy and its something along the lines of her never having a home/taking root, never bear children. It didn't sound that great. She ventures forth out of her safety net/home in the woods because she's grown up and she has to leave. She is later captured and that's really bad because that world kills witches. A noticeable trait of a witch is long hair (they never cut their hair). She's tortured and raped (one part of prophecy comes true here, she can't have kids anymore because of that) and she uses her power to escape.

The book then follows the other sister, I forget what her backstory is but she's pretty different to her sister. Oh yeah, the witch sister can shapeshift into anything.
The other sister (not the witch shapeshifter) falls in love with a guy that has talons (like a bird) for feet and wings and stuff. The guy is cursed and he's actually the prince of the kingdom. The king is married to a bad witch who took over the king's mind (he's bedridden) and cursed the prince and got everyone go against him because he's a monster.

Another story follows a healer, he or she (I forgot the gender) can heal who ever they touch, but it drains them. I don't remember.

The prophecy from the beginning that sounded bad wasn't actually bad, it becomes true but its good, like the witch sister never finds a permanent home because the guy she falls in love with moves around a lot and he's not human. I think he was part tree or something.

The prince doesn't like the girl's twin (the witch) because he doesn't know how to treat her since she has the same face as the person he loves. his dilemma is something like "how can he treat the woman like a sister when she looks like the woman he loves." One sister goes to fight a battle while witch sister stays behind and prince dude is missing his love, tries to kiss/have sex or something with the witch twin but gets stopped and prince get angry and doesn't want to be around her. The witch sister can feel a connection to her sister (feel what she feels) and feels that she's cold, close to death and quickly turns into a bird and flies to her to save her (she was in avalanche or something like that)

Another thing I remembered, the witch/shapeshifter sister shifted into a dragon during a battle (pre-planned to do it), she was trying to communicate or something with the dragons that were flying around to get them help her and turning into a dragon was a huge no no to the dragons but saved everyone anyway (she vows never to turn into a dragon ever again).

You will have my eternal gratitude if you find this series!!

Update: there's a sex scene!! The prince and the girl. I think they have sex for the first time together in a cave. He's afraid to hurt her (his claws/talons might scratch her) and everything goes ok. She wakes up wrapped up in his wings :) I think his wings are black..

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Deborah | 178 comments I believe you are looking for The Witches of Eileanan The Witches of Eileanan (The Witches of Eileanan, #1) by Kate Forsyth

Isabeau has a twin raised separately named Iseult.
The Pool of Two Moons (The Witches of Eileanan, #2) by Kate Forsyth Prince and Iseult on cover of book 2.

There is a group of younger children that group together under the name of the Healing Hand. Each of the kids has a special gift/power.

✩Tiffany✩ (tiff_eni) | 4 comments OH MY GAWD! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I'm like 99% sure its the book because the name Isabeau rings a bell and the story synopsis is ringing a bell as well. I can't believe you found it. I bow down to you~!

Deborah | 178 comments Welcome:)

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